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5 Photoshop tips for Photographers you probably don’t know

5 Photoshop tips that are so useful, you’ll wish you knew them before.

This week’s tutorial, is like 5 little baby tutorials. You are going to love these Photoshop hacks that show you better ways for blurring the background of a photo, combining images, using the healing brush without the smudging, cloning in perspective and better sharpening.

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Enjoy these Photoshop tips.

Written steps coming soon, enjoy the tips!



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14 responses to “5 Photoshop tips for Photographers you probably don’t know”

  1. Hey Colin,
    The two different blurring was something I’ve never seen or heard about! Great Job!! Also, the perspective Clone Stamp was new to me also.


  2. I can’t really pick just one that I liked better than the other – all those tips were new info for me. Thanks so much!

  3. Great stuff Clone with perspective is the one I can certainly use. Tried to make notes, so written steps will be appreciated.

  4. All of these were extremely useful. The Vanishing Point was my favorite. You are the Man!!!
    BTW I can never find the like symbol on this screen. In You Tube for sure, but not here.

  5. Loved this. Can’t wait to see the written tips. Will that be in an email when it’s available?

  6. Wow ! At the start I was thinking , I’m watching this as there’s always one tip I don’t know. This is the first time in a long time they were all new to me. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Colin !

  7. All very interesting tips. New to Ps and as the tips are clearly explained I am able to flick back and forward to try them out on my own photos.

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