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3 New Features in Lightroom Classic 12.4 (2023)

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Lightroom has gotten some new features. In this tutorial we will dig into the 3 biggest features recently added.

Written steps coming



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9 responses to “3 New Features in Lightroom Classic 12.4 (2023)”

  1. Another great tutorial. These aren’t the types of features that would typically generate a lot of buzz. In fact I would guess that I might never have known about them if it weren’t for this video. They were all interesting and practical but my fav was the addition to HSL adjustments. Not only the feature itself, but your instructions, explanation and tips – I’m sure I’ll re-watch it a lot as a reference.

  2. The option/alt feature to isolate the color is incredibly useful. Thanks for highlighting it.

  3. The alt/opt info is so useful. Something I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. The refine saturation is also useful. Thanks for your time and ability to teach.

  4. Great demo, Colin, as always!

    Question for clarification – In part 2 in the section where you adjusted the hue of the yellows (to make them more green), you mentioned that you would mask that away in the sky. Since the separate HSL controls are not [yet] part of the masking functions, how would you do that? Gradient mask and then use the color section under masks?


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