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    Compositing Secrets in Photoshop, the Story Art Method
    Karen Alsop
    Making Movies in Photoshop. Video In Photoshop CC
    Colin Smith
    Sale! skycityTN
    Photoshop Compositing: Sky City Project
    Colin Smith
    $34.99 $24.99
    Sale! LR6_tn
    Lightroom 6 / CC for Digital Photographers
    Colin Smith
    $99.99 $79.99
    Sale! photoCCtn
    Photoshop CC for Digital Photographers (2015)
    Colin Smith
    $99.99 $79.99
    Sale! DSLR-Basics-tn
    DSLR Camera Basics
    Tim Cooper
    $49.99 $19.99
    High Speed Retouching in Photoshop
    Dave Montizambert
    Sale! dji-drone_tn
    DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drones
    Colin Smith
    $79.99 $49.99
    Art For Photographers
    Jane Conner-ziser
    Sale! video_PS_tn
    Video in Photoshop (a photographer & designer’s guide)
    Colin Smith
    $49.99 $24.99
    Sale! LR5_tn-11
    Lightroom 5 for Digital Photographers.
    Colin Smith
    $99.99 $49.99
    Sale! cs6Digitn
    Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers
    Colin Smith
    $99.99 $49.99
    Sale! salas_tn
    Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers
    Frank Salas
    $49.99 $24.99
    Sale! non-destructive
    Non-Destructive Workflow in Photoshop CC
    Dave Cross
    $49.99 $24.99
    Sale! comic-book-coloring_tn
    Comic Book Coloring in Adobe Photoshop
    Jeromy Cox
    $49.99 $24.99
    Sale! Wacom-CC-Tn
    Wacom Tablets and Photoshop CC
    Weston Maggio
    $49.99 $24.99
    DIY Studio Lighting with Common Household Items
    Dave Montizambert
    Sale! survival-CC
    Digital Photographers Survival Kit CC Edition
    $299.99 $249.99
    Sale! CC-Bundle
    Digital Photographers CC Complete Kit
    Colin Smith
    $399.99 $299.99
    Photographers Pair CC Lightroom and Photoshop Training Bundle
    Colin Smith
    Sale! 3DCC-tn
    Photoshop CC 3D Workflow
    Stephen Burns
    $49.99 $19.99
    Sale! destinationCC_tn
    Photoshop Destination CC LIVE – New Features of Photoshop CC
    Colin Smith
    $49.99 $14.99
    HDR and Photoshop (CS5 – CC) SECOND EDITION
    Colin Smith
    Sale! adler_sm
    Fashion Flair Creative Studio Lighting
    Lindsay Adler
    $79.99 $19.99
    Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography
    Tim Cooper
    Sale! portraitretouch_tn
    Portrait Retouching for Everyone in Photoshop
    Jane Conner-ziser
    $99.99 $39.99
    Sale! fashion-retouching-tn
    Fashion Retouching
    Kristina Sherk
    $59.99 $49.99
    CARTOON Illustration Techniques in Photoshop
    Patrick LaMontagne
    Sale! artrage_tn
    Introduction to ArtRage
    Stephen Burns
    $49.99 $9.99
    Sale! dramatic-light_tn
    Dramatic Lighting
    Dave Montizambert
    $49.99 $24.99
    Sale! learnDreamweaver-cs6sm
    Learn Dreamweaver – Responsive Design
    Janine Warner
    $49.99 $19.99
    Dean Collins On Lighting – Live at Brooks Institute of Photography
    Dean Collins


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