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Jeromy Cox

Jeromy Cox started in the digital arts animating and art directing for Saturday Morning cartoons, video games and location based rides like Disney’s The Virtual Jungle Cruise at Epcot Center. The appeal of comic books was strong and in 1992, Jeromy self published his first comic book, Zombie Love, using traditional hand drawn artwork alongside Photoshop 2.0. His artistic skills mixed with his knowledge of computers lead him to join Image Comics, more specifically, Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Productions. Working on all of the earliest Wildstorm titles, including W.I.L.D.Cats, Gen-13 and Stormwatch. It wasn’t until his work on Leave It To Chance, that comic book fans and peers seriously took notice of Jeromy’s distinctive colors. His work on Leave It To Chance lead to nominations for Eisner’s and Harvey awards aplenty. This notoriety lead to stints on Mage, Grendel, Rex Mundi and eventually too the more familiar titles of Batman, Superman, X-Factor and Amazing Spiderman. Today, Jeromy continues his work on X-Men, Batman and Justice League while still finding time to launch his own comic book title, Vampyrates. The tongue in cheek horror comic allows Jeromy to stretch his artistic imagination using Photoshop as his primary tool.

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