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I received a request from the forum for this effect from one of our Members living in Japan. This is a technique that is all the rage over there. Not knowing what is effect is called, I decided to dub it the "Anime Bead" effect. Enjoy!


by Colin Smith

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Create a new document

Create some text. (I used Planet Kosmos at 50 points)

Ctrl/Cmd+Click on the texts' layer thumbnail to load the selection


Enter 5 pixels and click ok




The selection should now look like this


With the selection still active create a new layer and name it beads


Go to the Paths Palette

Click the top right arrow and choose "Make Work Path" from the fly out menu

Enter a setting of 0.5 (The minimum allowed)

Click ok

We have now made a path out of the selection


Prepare the brush...

Choose White as your foreground color

Select the Brush tool from the Toolbox

Open the brushes palette

Turn off all the boxes on the left

Choose a 10 Pixel hard brush

Set the spacing to 105% (This will make a dotted line)


Click on the Stroke path button as shown

The path will now be stroked with white dots.

Click in the blank area of the paths palette (Below the work path) to turn off the path


Go back to the layers palette

You should now have something like this


Click the little "f" at the bottom of the layers palette to add a layer style

Choose bevel and emboss and use the settings shown


Choose inner shadow and use the shown settings

Click Ok to apply the style.


At this point we have a problem. The text is a bit small for the beads (There is a gap showing)

Increase the size of the text to compensate, the edge of the text should line up with the beads


Add a layer style to the text. Apply a default drop shadow and a Bevel as shown


In this variation, I repeated the step and expanded by 10 pixels to create a second ring of beads. I also enhanced it a bit with some sparkles.

For more cool techniques like this on an easy to follow video format check out Photoshop Secrets Special FX