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5 mind-blowing things you can do with video in Lightroom | Video in Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6

This Lightroom CC tutorial shows you lots of things you can do with video in Lightroom. Cinematic color grade, use presets, trim and edit, even combine videos together and add music in Lightroom

Video + Step By Step
hidden tips in photoshop 7 tips in Photoshop that are insanely useful, that are hiding in plain sight

These 7 tips are going to make you kick yourself, that you didn’t know them all before. All of these are “Hiding in Plain Sight” and have been there the whole time. I don’t want to call these hacks because they aren’t, people overuse the work hacks. There are engineered tools and settings that make your life easier. They will save you time and give you the information you need while working in Photoshop everyday.

Video + Step By Step
How to Make custom gradients in Photoshop. Gradient tool Crash Course.

I’m going to show you how to use the gradient tool in Photoshop. Gradient tool basics, making custom gradients, how to use presets, how to add depth and create shapes like Spheres, Cylinders and Cones and also how to make really cool patterns. Hold on to your seat belts! I bet there are a few tips and tricks you didn’t know about here.

How to Watermark photos in Lightroom

How to make a personalized watermark in Lightroom tutorial. Watermarks can be images or text, create once and reuse to protect your photos with watermarks in Lightroom

Camera Raw Presets. How to Create and use Presets in ACR

Photoshop Camera Raw is a powerful photo editor. Presets can easily change your photographs with a single click. This free tutorial shows you how to make your own presets and use them on all your photos. You can download some free presets here.