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Colins first Questions and Answers session, your questions answered

What happened after I got kicked off the plane? How is 4k drone footage on the iPad? Have I dumped Apple? Did I get the 2017 Macbook Pro? Did I recover my DJI spark? Who am I? Oh my!! All questions answered! Colin Smith’s very first Q&A to celebrate 75,000 subscribers on youtube.

Welcome CAFE CREW!

I hope you enjoy my very first Q+A. It seems that I get asked a lot of questions about how I do things, buying advice, or different topics, etc. While I do my best to answer these questions, sometimes I get a bit behind (a few of my videos have over 1,000 comments on youtube). So, I decided to do a Q+A session. And YES, I did try to make it fun and drop in some of my dry humor and occasional sarcasm. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the thing. This was a little bit of an experiment for me. If you guys (and galls) like this, I’ll do more of them in the future. If not, hey, it was fun. (So far it seems to be a good idea).

Drop your comments and questions below or into the comments on our youtube channel. (If you haven’t subscribed to our youtube channel, please do so).

For you, CAFE CREW, here are links to all the things I talk about on the video.

Great to see you here at the CAFE!



8 thoughts on “Colins first Questions and Answers session, your questions answered

  1. Thanks for all the great tutorials & info. Been enjoying them a lot.
    What software do you use to record your tutorials? Looking for decent screen recorder for Macs, & one that you can Zoom in on like you do when you want to show a close up of a tool selection or detail in a photo.

    Appreciate it!!
    Jeff Ellis, Chicago

  2. This may be a mute point, I just watched your video on tether capture – great job as usual – did they ever fix support for the Nikon d40 or is there a workaround for when no camera recognized. I should just see if I can sell my Nikon and Tamarack lens and get a Cannon. (apologies if posted in wrong place – and no worries about reply)

  3. For the upcoming eclipse I would like to do a time lapse as well as stills [with two different setups]. For the partial I thought I would shoot at about 15 sec. intervals but how do I deal with the total since it’s only about 160 seconds long? Do I go to 1 second intervals or just shoot a video and incorporate it into the time lapse. Also, with the total eclipse and longer exposures and 7 shot bracketing- is there enough time to capture everything before the next burst is due?
    Thanks for the very informative video, though I don’t know how many people are going to invest in a sun tracker.


    1. During totality, shoot non stop and get as many shots as you can. Not everyone should invest in a sun tracker, its not necessary, but helpful

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