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Why I returned my 2016 Macbook Pro

I have been using Apple computers for a number of years now and I really love the platform and the hardware..until now.  I was first in line for the Macbook Pro with the touchbar. It is really sexy looking and I just wanted t love it, I really tried to love it,but I couldn’t. In fact it slowed down my productivity so much that I returned it and reverted back to my 2012 Macbook pro. Watch my video and see all the reasons why.

Macbook PRO 2016 with touchbar. Sadly, this thing is a disaster on so many levels.

Stay tuned for a new review of the 2017 refresh with the Kaby Lake processor.

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5 responses to “Why I returned my 2016 Macbook Pro”

  1. Colin you are 100% RIGHT!!!! I thank you for your honesty and the way you have explained what the problem was with your Mac Pro. I think Every single person that is either a pro or common person out there, buying or using Apple should be aware of what these issues are.
    Especially when we are talking about the HUGE $$$$$$$$$$ DIFFERENCE IN PRICE COMPARED WITH WINDOWS.
    Thanks for you input and keep it up with your great work, Colin.

  2. Hello
    Will you be reviewing the 2017 Macbook Pro 15 inch soon?
    Those week I have to decide whether to return mine.
    Thank you for the excellent information

    • Yes, I have been using it and testing it. I want to make sure I put it to real use before reviewing it, so, coming soon

  3. Thank you Colin for the review.

    Years ago Apple’s target market is the professional artist. Since the iPhone became so popular and lot of people start buying other Apple products, their target market is shift to consumer. They are people chasing the “good looking” design and don’t even know much how the performance. So why Apple care to improve for keeping the professional if they can make hugh $$$ from the consumer.

    I used the first generation Macintosh in the 80’s and switch to PC about ten years ago. Many of my friends who are professional artists have the same complaints about Apple’s marketing direction during the pass few years.

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