Apple iBooks Textbooks. The end of books?

Text books are heavy,┬áIf you have ever carried around a bag full of books, you'll agree. Text books are obsolete the minute they come out. Thirdly they are expensive, with little resale value, as they are always changing. On another note, in some places, there aren't enough textbooks to go around. For example, I grew up in New Zealand where we didn't buy our books, the state provided them, but budgets meant that students had to share. I actually gave up my dream of becoming an airline pilot because I was in a physics class with 32 students and only 15 text books. By the 2nd semester I still … [Read more...]

iPad Review

iPad Review Admittedly, I was one of the skeptics who decided not to buy the iPad before I even laid eyes on it. After all, I have a Laptop and an iPhone already. Why do I need another piece of energy sucking metal and glass to carry around with me. I mean, which pocket do I put it in? Is it time to bring back the man purse? All this was until Saturday. I decided to go to the Apple store and have a look since I was already there. There was a huge crowd around the display models and I joined the scrum to get a first look. As soon as I got my paws on the iPad, two things became apparent. … [Read more...]

Flash on iPhone? A peek into Patent filings

Monday will tell for sure. Steve Jobs is expected to make announcements during his keynote at WWDC. I sure hope that Flash is included. This will be a nice step forward for Flash developers and for users. One example is youtube. Currently some of the youtube content is repurposed for viewing on the iphone, but most of the flash based content can't be viewed on the iPhone. Here is a little info that has leaked... "Clues to Apple's next steps can be found in a recently unearthed U.S. patent filing attributed to Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs. If the filing is any guide, Apple's … [Read more...]