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Reflections in Photoshop Tutorial, graphics and text

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a reflection in Photoshop. This is more of a graphic design trick that has been used a lot lately for things like logos, text and modern design. If you want to do a reflection on Photographs, check out this tutorial instead

Step 1

Start with a gradient. Tip: To constrain the gradient to 90 degrees hold down the shift key.


Step 2

Add your text or image


Step 3

Make a copy of the text by dragging to the new layer icon (or pressing Ctrl/Cmd+J)

On the copy go into free transform by pressing Ctr/Cmd+T.

Left click >Flip Vertical.

Drag the copy beneath the original, so that it looks reflected


Step 4

Add a layer mask to the reflected copy and drag with a black to white gradient. (See the Gradient masking technique here)

Experiment with different starting and end point on the gradient for different results.


Step 5

You should now have something that resembles this, for a sharp reflection.


Extra Credit, softer reflection

There are times when you want the reflection to be a bit softer, this simulated a different kind of surface that you are reflecting onto.

Choose Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur

You will have the option to convert to a Smart Object. Accept this option.



Apply a small amount of blur to the reflection to suit your tastes


Here is the softer result.


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