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3D Effect using Channels Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

ch1Create text on new layer 1. and rasterize – PC right click on name in layers pallette/Mac-Cmd Click >rasterize

Step 2

 ch2Make new layer 2. and using rectangular marquee tool make a box around the text.
Deselect – Cmd/Ctrl +D

Step 3

 ch3Fill the new box with white.
While layer 2 still active, Ctrl/Cmd click on layer 1 thumbnail.

Step 4

  ch4press del, should look like this

Step 5

 ch5hide layer 1 and Ctrl/Cmd click on layer 2.This is the image we are going to make 3d.
You could start at this point with any image as long as it is on a layer and filled with white.

Step 6

ch6bchannels-palleteClick on the new channel button in the Channels Pallete. Alpha 1 will apper. fill your selection with white, it should resemble the image shown.

Step 7

 ch7Deselct and go to Filters>Blur>Gaussian blur. The higher you make the blur the more your image will be bevelled.

Click on the rgb channel at the to of the pallette.

Step 8

  ch-8Go back to the layers pallete and select your image layer

Step 9


Here is where the magic happens. Filter>Render>Lighting effects.

Use the settings here or play around with your own.

Click on texture channel and load Alpha 1. I deselected the white it high for this example.

Click on the color picker to give your light some color. We used purple.

Step 10

  channelsClick ok and say “wow.” The finished result. I put a drop shadow and a blue gradient in the background for coolness sake.

For more cool techniques like this channelson an easy to follow video format check out Photoshop Secrets Special FX

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