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RODE Wireless GO, amazing tiny pro mic for filmmakers and bloggers

I got to try out this tiny little microphone at NAB, its the new RODE Microphones Wireless GO. An in depth look into this microphone set for creators. I also do a count test and comparison, so you can hear what it actually sounds like.

Real-World review of the Rode Wireless GO

I now have my own unit (bought with my own money, not sponsored), this is a week after the above video.

I unbox and take out in the field and test the full range, the sound quality including audio tests with different placements and environments. See the good and the bod of these tiny mics. (spoiler, they are really great, but not perfect).



Thanks for checking it out. If you have any products you’d like reviewed, let us know!




6 responses to “RODE Wireless GO, amazing tiny pro mic for filmmakers and bloggers”

  1. Why does the mic drop out when you turn around? Is the transmitter very directional? This would definitely limit the type of break dancing you could capture! 😉
    Nice review, btw.

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