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Photoshop 2023 New Features

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Photoshop 2023 New features

Check out the new features in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw

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31 responses to “Photoshop 2023 New Features”

  1. Hi, thamks for the review of Photoshop 2023. I’m using a Windows 11 PC and when I start the updated Ps I don’t have all the neural filters hat show on your video. Is there a reason for this?

  2. Hi Colin, love your videos but can’t get this. I’ve updated to 2023 version. On the first example, blurring the background. Easy to get to the point where you say Ctrl t, but nothing happens. When I go to Edit/Content Aware Fill… it’s grey out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  3. Hi Colin,
    At 2:45 in your video you mention that there is a toggle in Photoshop preferences to have the Photo Restoration neural filter do the processing in the cloud for a better (but slower) result.
    I haven’t been able to find that toggle. In the Image Processing pane there is an option to have Select Subject Processing default to the cloud but I can’t find any reference to the Photo Restoration neural filter.
    Could you point me in the right direction please?

  4. Thanks for the great coverage of the new features! Now, if Adobe would fix PS from freezing and closing when using certain features. A photographer friend in Oregon sent me an email complaining of same issue.

  5. I tried the new “delete and fill selection” to blur the background of an image. It looks great in Photoshop, but when I open it outside of PS, only the selection is visible…no background. I’ve tried flattening the image, but I get the same result. do you have a solution?

  6. This new update thoroughly messed up my iMac and Laptop. I won’t download new versions for a while until I hear what others are saying about it.

  7. Hi, I just bought the LightRoom Classic 2022 Course in Sept 2022. Now that there is a new LightRoom 2023, would there be an upgraded tutorial or materials to supplement or replace the 2022 Course which I just invested in?

  8. A game changer in speeding up editing workflow – thank you! I have an outdoor photo of a tennis player. I’d like to select the person (tennis player), and then the object (tennis racket), and then subtract the background (trees etc) that are visible between the tennis racket strings. Finally, I’d like to open a mask showing all 3 selections and select the inverse to make it transparent. Is this possible? I can’t seem to combine the 3 selection/subtraction in one mask.

  9. Please do a tutorial on Adobe Bridge 2023. Specifically, I have different external hard drives, when I do work on one I need to transfer the photoshopped images to the other hard drives. I used to have two Bridge windows open and then drag and drop from hard drive A to hard drive B. I cannot figure out how to do this in Adobe Bridge 2023….HELP PLEASE!

  10. Hi – It looks like “Delete and Fill” is no longer available in Photoshop 24.1.0 – it was available in 24.0.0.

  11. Hi Colin! Great tips but I just don’t get it from where tie say “Hide the selection and press Command-T!?? ” It doesn’t look at all like in the video? What’s wrong. Btw- I watch all your tutorials- great!!

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