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How to retouch eyes in photoshop. Ultimate eye retouching tutorial

This 2 part tutorial shows you how to retouch eyes in Photoshop. The goal when retouching is clean things up and make them look good, but you don’t want them to look retouched. This tutorial shows you how to do realistic retouching that is subtle, but get’s big results. As a bonus these steps are all non-destructive.

Part 1: Ultimate Eyes retouching tutorial, retouching the whites of the eyes.

Part 2: Ultimate Eyes retouching tutorial, retouching the irises and adding catchlights

This 2nd part of the tutorial deals with retouching the colored part of the eye. We really clean up the iris and pupil and add more definition to the eye. So much gets lost in the detail and eye color when shooting a face. In this tutorial we learn how to bring back the luster and even enhance the energy in the eye and make it really come to life. This can add so much appeal to a photograph and make the photo of the person look much more life-like.


I hope you enjoyed this Photoshop tutorial. Check out the other awesome tutorials here on photoshopCAFE! Add a comment and let me know what you would like to learn next!

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4 responses to “How to retouch eyes in photoshop. Ultimate eye retouching tutorial”

  1. My model has a tiny stain on her white. I tried concentrating on the first part of the tutorial thru the Healing Tool and nothing made a difference. My first goal ‘though is to delete the stain – may be it’s called blood shot – I really am not sure. I have resigned to the thought that this particular stain will never go away at this time. So I was hoping going on to find out if the veins will make a difference on the process of following the tutorial – and there was none. I hope you can give me more information about the stupid stain and all. I like the way you handle the whole thing – very clear and easy to comprehend. It’s just me. Thanks.

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