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Exposure blending in Photoshop to bring out details in photographs


How to do Exposure blending in Photoshop, Layer masks on exposures to create photographs with incredible detail in highlights and shadows.

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Exposure blending is a great way to craft your photo, showing details in highlight areas such as skies and brighter areas, as well as showing details in shadows.

The main difference between this and HDR, is that HDR affects the entire photograph, where as exposure blending, allows you to brush in the details exactly where you like.

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11 responses to “Exposure blending in Photoshop to bring out details in photographs”

  1. I love ocean views to photograph. Colin. I have a question, I have recently bought a HP Spectre with a pencil, can you use that the same way as a graphic tablet in Photoshop?

  2. So, you like to pull up your hair and grab a cup of coffee… I could of done that 30 years ago, but not now! ;-))

  3. Photoshop has sooooo many different means of shading, coloring, masking, sharpening and thousands of brushes and techniques to use them all. I believe that we all have our personal preferences to each and our own preferences to what kind of images we enjoy looking at and/or Photoshoping. You have some good ideas and i enjoyed watching you work. Thank you.

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