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DJI OSMO X5, osmo Pro, setup and camera tests


Get the OSMO PRO / RAW here

This week marks the beginning of shipping for the X5 adapter plate for the DJI OSMO.

The OSMO is available as a full osmo kit with the handle and a round black camera, or you can by the handle separately and add your own camera. The osmo is the handle that enables you to mount your camera from an Inspire 1. Either the X3 camera and now the X5 camera. You can use these camera handheld to get really nice, smooth video shots only possible in the past with a larger gimbal rig such as a Ronin or a full on stedicam rig.

I ordered the handle by itself because I already have an X3 camera on my Inspire 1. I also bought an X5 upgrade for my Inspire and finally, I can now mount this camera to my osmo handle.  Watch this video and see how to upgrade your osmo, to an osmo pro. Am osmo pro, is an osmo with the X5 camera. Also check out the various video tests, shot during day and at night. .

Here are a couple of photos that I took with the Osmo pro.



Download a short 4k unedited video clip and sample photos (161 Mb).


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6 responses to “DJI OSMO X5, osmo Pro, setup and camera tests”

  1. Hey Colin –

    Have you been noticing that when panning either left or right, that once the deadpan limit has been reached there is a sudden (quick) acceleration in the pan regardless of the speed? Which settings are you using in your Pan? Thanks in advance.

    Using the X5R…

    • it’s pretty lame to make a blog like that and not answer the ONE question that was asked….

      It really doesn’t inspire anyone to ask any questions…

    • I usually pivot the handle so that it doesn’t reach the limit. I forget the settings I’m using, but I don’t think I customized them much from the factory settings.

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