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DJI Inspire 3 Drone, Hands on at NAB

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NAB 2023, DJI have just announced their new flagship drone for professional Filmmakers and photographers. The Inspire 3 is a marvel of engineering and product design. I caught up with DJI Europe Creative Director, Ferdinand Wolf at NAB Las Vegas. He gives us a complete walkthrough of all the major features in the hardware and software as well as some of the accessories.

The drone’s ultra-low latency video transmission system allows it to be flown via FPV camera, making it possible to maneuver around obstacles in environments without a direct line of sight, such as forests. The Inspire 3 also has a 360-degree optical avoidance system, and the sensors are integrated into the landing legs. The system can be fully customized, giving pilots the option to turn off or bypass a subject or object. The drone is equipped with DJI’s proven vision sensing system with down-facing sensors and is very stable, able to hover precisely over a spot. The new software algorithm eliminates the need to use the compass, making it more precise in flying straight lines. The camera is a custom-built 8.1K full-frame sensor that can shoot 120 frames per second, 4K slow motion, and 35-megapixel still photos. It also has 14.7 stops of dynamic range and a dual native ISO sensor. The Inspire 3 matches with the latest and greatest cinema cameras out there, making it a valuable tool for professional photographers and videographers. The camera also has several professional codecs, including ProRes Raw, ProRes 422HQ, and cinema DNG. DJI integrates several lenses, including a new 18mm lens that replaces the 16mm lens. Other lenses include the 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm, with a new telephoto lens coming out soon. Overall, the Inspire 3 is an excellent drone for professionals, and its compact design and high-quality features make it a valuable tool for any photographer or videographer.

The big headlines are a 35mm Full Frames Sensor (a big deal) with interchangeable lenses. 8.1k prores and raw video. 15km range with 1080 video. Integrated FPV camera for the pilot. Adaptive Obstacle avoidance. spotlight pro and Waypoints pro.

When you look at the price point, you realize this is for people who make a living making these shots. In the professional Film making industry, its actually very reasonably priced when compared to the alternatives. Hobbyists can oly hope some of these features make it into the prosumer market.

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