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5 Time Shredding Tips in Photoshop (+ Rapidly make thumbnails)

5 Photoshop Tips to save time and unlock hidden goodies in Photoshop

Check out these 5 tips in Photoshop

  • Discover how they did that in Photoshop
  • How to make thumbnails with multiple images and shred time (Hint, you can do it all in 1 document)
  • Get the rest of the goodies in Photoshop
  • How to activate Multiple layer masks
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10 responses to “5 Time Shredding Tips in Photoshop (+ Rapidly make thumbnails)”

  1. All were new to me Colin, thanks for teaching us!
    You asked what I would want to learn…… example; I cut out a very fluffy or long haired animal in a photo and replace the background and partial foreground with a very blurry picture of a wall of clouds. So the animal stands out in the new photo. It’s a composite. Wish I could upload a picture so you would know exactly what I mean. I’ve tried it but it never turns out the way I see it in my mind.

  2. Thanks again for these great tips. For what the brushes concern, you can delete brushes out of the list one by one or is it possible to select a number of brushes and delete them all a once together?

  3. All except for #4 were new. I love the one about nesting layers and masks. Will certainly use it in the future.

  4. Hi Colin, all your tutorials are very helpful and some are real eye-openers, but I need to understand “Blend-if”. Do you have instructions for this?

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