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Photoshop for Lightroom users

Learn how to create reusable layered templates, discover non-destructive layers and masks. Make time lapse sequences, do sky replacements and other compositing tricks. Find out the power of using pressure sensitive brushes and more in Colin’s whirl-wind tour of the creative side of Photoshop. This is a great jump start for Lightroom users.

Lightroom for Photoshop Users

If you are a Photoshop User and have been considering using Lightroom, this tutorial will teach you the basics to get you up and running quickly, as well as why you would need Lightroom in your workflow

What’s the difference between Lightroom and Bridge?

What am I missing? Why Lightroom for Bridge users If you already use Bridge and Camera RAW, you can do everything that Lightroom does, right? You will find that Lightroom […]

Photoshop and Lightroom integration

Watch this video to discover how to best work between Photoshop and Lightroom. Find out how to keep your Lightroom adjustments fully accessible from Camera Raw. We will take an image from Lightroom, to Photoshop, Camera Raw, back to Photoshop, back to Lightroom and then apply some automated adjustments based on what we have done.

Photo distortion correction in Lightroom, upright

upright correction allows photographers to automatically adjust keystoning and distortions. Colin shows how it’s also useful for people wanting to create 3D textures and custom brushes.

How to Tether a camera in Lightroom, shooting tethered

In this Lightroom 5 tutorial, you learn how to tether a camera to Lightroom so that the photos go directly into Lightroom and are visible on the the screen as you shoot.

Processing HDR Landscape Photography in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

You are able to work with merged HDR images in ACR and Lightroom , meaning that you have a lot more tonal range, or details in shadows and details in highlights to work with. The result is a photograph that looks very close to what you witnessed with your eyes.

Advanced Healing Brush in Lightroom 5 for retouching

Finally, real retouching is possible from within Lightroom. Join Colin Smith, as he shows you how to use the new healing brush in Lightroom for some powerful retouching and clean up work.

high key color photo How to Shoot & Retouch for High-key Architecture in Lightroom and Camera RAW

In this tutorial we will share some techniques how to shoot and retouch for a high-key effect in architectural photography. The complete retouching will be in Lightroom, or Camera it is easy to follow and to apply to your own photos.

Step by Step
How to use the Radial filter in Lightroom

Learn how to use the Radial tool to create ovals of any size, angle and shape in Adobe Lightroom. This tutorial show you how to add circular adjustments to your photograph.

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