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Creating a cylinder in Photoshop Tutorial

Here is another tutorial that has come about by a request from the forum.
This is how you wrap something around a cylinder. This us useful for creating labels for cans etc.

Step by Step
Placing a person inside a picture Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to place a person inside an image using the “paste into” command. You can use this technique to achieve all kinds of convincing photomanipulation tricks.

Step by Step
3D Cubes Photoshop Tutorial

I have been asked a few times, how to make a 3d cube in Photoshop. here is the manual method. This tutorial will show you how to transform shapes and work with gradients to add realistic shading.

Step by Step
Preparing your files for Printing on a Commercial Printing Press.

Preparing your files for printing. Prepress and steps to prepare file for a commercial printing job, tutorial

Transparent gifs in Photoshop Tutorial

I have had many people ask how to save transparent gifs in Photoshop
This tutorial will also show you how to get rid of the nasty colored outlines called “halos”

Step by Step
Round Glassy Buttons in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial

An interface would never be complete without the little buttons that appear to be made of glass. This tutorial will show you how.

Step by Step
Texturing Type Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop has a very powerful addition to the Layer Styles that is grossly overlooked, but if you are into dynamic typography, interface design or realistic effects for your creations, mastering the Pattern Overlay feature is a must.

Step by Step
Metal and Glass Layer style basics in Photoshop

Nearly anyone can create a bevel on type, but not many realize that from this foundation we can create glass, plastic, metal, or something that looks out of this world.

Step by Step
Getting started with Layer styles, Photoshop Tutorial

Maybe you are unfamiliar with Layer Styles as yet, and so I’ll cover them briefly. Layer Styles are simply groups of commands saved as a preset, that may be instantly applied to type or a filled selection in Photoshop.

Step by Step
Generating Actions of your own Photoshop Tutorial

How to make your own Photoshop actions. Generating Actions of your Own, Photoshop Tutorial.
I’m going to walk through the process I use when developing my actions, step by step, with all the appropriate interjections, sub categories and bylines required to flawlessly create your own. In theory, anyway! With Photoshop open, hit F9 to bring the Actions Palette to the front.

Step by Step
An Intro to Actions and Photoshop Automation Photoshop Tutorial

A couple of years ago, some Action enthusiast friends of mine expressed their concern that I was pursuing a vapor, a ghost, an insubstantial illusion in my quest to promote Actions in Photoshop on a global scale. In short, they told me I was nuts with a capitol CRAZY.

Step by Step
Photoshop Layers 101 Photoshop Tutorial

Basic layer structure in Photohop and how they work. All the different features in the Layers panel explained. Layers are very important to learn in photoshop. This is an intro to layers as well as some useful tips.

Texturing your way to 3D Photoshop Tutorial

Let’s talk some more about texturing, this time working with an interface style image over several layers. Photoshop 6 layer styles allow us to do some fantastic effects with patterns, and I want to address some of those effects here. What better way to do that than to show you first hand?

Step by Step
Brushed Metal Texture Photoshop Tutorial

How to create a texture that simulates brushed metal in only a few steps. This is the same metal used on Apples Panther.

Step by Step
Double Bevelled Outlines Photoshop Tutorial

I’ve had a few people asking me how I got the outline for my Signature. So here is the tutorial on creating a double bevelled outline. Enjoy!

Step by Step
Focus on Nature – International Photography workshops in Iceland

Photography workshops and tours in stunning Iceland

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