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Movie type Explosions Photoshop Tutorial

How to make a explosion effect in Photoshop with flying sparks

Step 1

Put your type on its own layer and render. Right click/Cmd Click on its name in the layers pallette and render type. PS 5.5 calls this rasterize type.



Step 2

Now its time to rope us some type! Grab the lasso tool and select a portion of the type.


Step 3

Now select the move tool (V)

Drag the selected peice away from the rest.


Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 lots of times, using differant selection sizes and shapes, until you get something like this.


Step 5

Duplicate the layer and apply a motion blur>Radial blur = 100 and quality = best


Step 6

Duplicate the blurred layer 2X


Step 7


Set the top blurred layer to Dissolve and bring the opacity to 47%


Step 8

Change the color of the blurred layers and the sparks using the Hue/Saturation control. Add a black background and “BOOM”.


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