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Photorealistic brick wall Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1


Create a new Document

50 x 50 Pixels
RBG mode
White background

Select the entire image area: Select>all

Choose Edit>Stroke

Enter a setting of 2 – inside


Step 2

Choose the Line tool (Under the custom shape in the toolbar)

4 Pixels
Choose the fill pixels option from the options bar
Turn anti-aliasing OFF

Draw a horizontal line through the middle

Add another vertical line through the middle on the top half only (as shown)

brick004With the marquee tool select the outside border at the top left and delete it (press the delete key)

Repeat for the right top as shown

Step 3

brick005We have now created a pattern for our bricks


Edit Define Pattern and then name the pattern bricks

You can now close the bricks document, we dont need it anymore

brick006Create a new Document – This is where we will use our pattern to create a wall

400 x 300 Pixels (You can use any size)
RBG mode
White background

Choose the channels palette and create a new alpha channel


Step 4

Choose edit>Fill

Select pattern and find our bricks pattern

Step 5


Here is the basic brick pattern applied to the channel.

Can you believe this is where some tutorials end? Not this one, lets make some texture and depth

Step 6


We are going to round the corners of the bricks

Choose Filter>Blur>Gausian Blur

Step 7


Now choose Image>Adjustments>Levels

Move the sliders closer to gether to create the hard edges, rounded corners

The shape is now complete – Depth time

Step 8

Choose Filter>Gaussian blur

Blur it so that the edges are still visable but the bricks are kind of gray. This is going to nake the bricks look rounded in 3D space


Step 9


Choose Edit>Fade (If you touched anything since the last step this is not avaliable)

Choose 80% and Linear Burn

Notice the blur will blend into the shape of the bricks

Step 10


Fianl part of the texture preperation

Choose Filter>Noise>Add Noise

Use 12% or less, we just want a hint


Step 11



Choose the layers palette and click on the background to return to the normal display thumbnail


Select 50% gray for the foreground and white for the background colors

Choose the linear gradient tool

Drag the gradient tool from the bottom to the top of the image to create a gradient

Step 12


Choose Filter>Render>Lighting effects (Enter the settings shown)

Choose the Alpha 1 from texture channel to load our bricks texture

Select a spotlight and choose a brick red color from the top color picker

Click ok

Step 13


We now have a pretty good brick texture, but lets take it futher…

Open the channels palette

Hold down the ctrl/Cmd key and click on the alpha 1 thumbnail – You should see a selection around the shapes of the bricks

Step 14


Return to the layers palette

Make sure the Background is active by clicking on the thumbnail

With the selection (Bricks outline) still active Press Ctrl/Cmd + J -This will copy the bricks to a new layer

Choose the background and select Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation

Move the saturation slider to the left to reduce the color of the mortar to a nice gray


Step 15


As a final touch add a drop shadow to the top layer

Choose the eraser tool and make the brush one of the “splatter” presets

Dab the edges of the bricks to erode them a little bit.

There you have your realistic bricks!!!!

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