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Transforming action camera / 360 Insta360 ONE R twin and drone aerial edition setup and review.

Insta360 ONE R 4k Action Camera and 5.7k 360 camera in one.


On this page I have 3 videos on the insta360 ONE R. First we look at the camera at CES and get a spec rundown. The second video I do a hands on walkthrough of everything including the menus. The third video we look at the Insta360 OBE R aerial edition, which is called the Invisible drone. This is a drone mount that splits the camera above and beneath the drone to complete hide it while providing a seamless 360 degree view all round it.

First look at CES 2020


Insta360 ONE R hands on, part 1: setup and walkthrough of the camera and the app.


Insta360 ONE R Aerial edition, hands on, part 2: How to install the 360 setup on a DJI Mavic 2 drone and on location shooting with samples of actual footage.

Some additional details I forgot to add to the video: When using this mount, you will need to switch to attitude mode as the electronics interfere with GPS, you don’t want the signal on and off randomly, just turn it off. I was flying in att mode the entire time with downward sensors off. An experienced pilot should be comfortable flying in ATT mode, if you don’t have experience in att, then practice first (a lot) before using the mount. You will also need to hand catch the drone to avoid damaging the downward camera. You can take off from the ground as long as you put something under the lens to protect it (I used a lens guard, it wasn’t attached, just on the ground to protect on launch) however, the shipping version of this will come with lens guards. The weight of the cage is very minimum, the battery and processing unit are the heaviest parts of the rig. I found the drone was very well balanced and didn’t have any difficulty flying it, however I also have lots of experience flying without GPS. If you have never flown without GPS before, don’t strap on the mount and fly, climb to a safe altitude above all obstacles, turn your controller into att mode and practice, you will notice more drift, but while moving, the main difference you will notice is that there is no braking, get used to manually braking, and making micro adjustments while hovering in position before flying with the 360 rig.
Also the software removes the props, so there is no sign of the drone in the footage at all, I didn’t notice any prop shadow either.

Get the ONE R here:

Thanks for checking out this review.


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  1. Hi I’m Darren just wondering how you get the Mavic 2 into ATT mode it would be a great video to show it being done or just kindly reply here with solution all the best thanks in advance

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