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LFL #22 What’s the big deal about Smart Objects?

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In this Photoshop live stream, Colin Smith shows you how to use Photoshop Smart Objects. You will learn how they waork and some cool things you can do with them. Also, its fix my photo, where Colin fixes your community submitted photos. Link to the mentioned Smart Objects Tutorial. 

Submit your photo for Fix my Photo here  (Upload raw file of full size jpg, and put your name as the file name)


Each week Colin Smith has been going live on youtube. We do a live Photoshop show. This includes tutorials, tips, challenges, prizes, Q+A and interaction in the chats.

This was started as a way for us to get away from the madness of the global lockdown for an hour a week. It s a time where the and the Youtube CAFE Crew Family all come together. This happens every Thursday at 1pm Pacific time.

This is a different format than the usual Tuesday tutorials and is more of an interactive format and we tend to go a little deeper into certain things as well as exploring multiple ways of doing things. The people attending these live events absolutely love it and they return every week for more.

Im going to share each weeks replays here

You really should join live if you can, its a LOT of fun and there are hundreds of us all coming together in community.

You can join the “live from lockdown” livestream here at 1Pm every Thursday (Its free)

2 responses to “LFL #22 What’s the big deal about Smart Objects?”

  1. Hi Colin
    Great tutorials. I have been a follower of yours for years. I would like to know how to put colour in clouds I tried following one of your recent tutorials but without success Can you advise

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