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Kristina Sherk

Great photo retouchers are ghost artists. The viewer rarely has any idea the amount of work that goes into making a picture after the photographer has clicked the shutter. And that is way it’s supposed to be.
Kristina Sherk, studied digital art and photography at Elon University in North Carolina and then interned and assisted for DC-based photographer John Harrington where she learned the business behind the art. Since she was a photographer before she started retouching nine years ago, not only does she understand her role as a retoucher, but she also understands the aim and vision of the photographers she works with (in other words; ‘she speaks camera’). She also makes certain always to stay within their photography style. Her clients hail from all over the world and include National Public Radio, Sports Illustrated, Time, Inc., XM Satellite Radio, onOne Software, Cotton Inc. and Hasselblad USA

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