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The Photoshop VAULT is full of Photoshop Loot

I have something very exciting for you. The Photoshop Vault is open and it’s absolutely free. download….

  • Actions
  • 5 Sky images for sky replacement
  • Lightroom / ACR Prets
  • Camera RAW / LR Profiles
  • Superguide
  • Layer Blending Modes ebook
  • Cloud Brushes
  • Color LUTs
  • Cheat Sheet

It’s been 21 years since I started PhotoshopCAFE and we are more than a website and a youtube channel, we are the CAFE CREW, and it’s because of you that we are here. Some of you have been with us from the beginning,

The vault is completely free for you to access and just a way to say thank you and let you know our community spirit is still alive.

To access the goodies in the vault, go to and signup for free.

What to expect:

You will receive an email with a confirmation.

Click the confirmation and you will be taken to the Vault to download.

Trouble shooting

All the instructions for installing each asset is included in the zip file.

In the slim chance you have trouble downloading, try a different browser (this fixes it 99% of the time.) If that doesn’t work, right-click and choose Open in tabs.

If you have any problems, please check back here for FAQs


I hope you enjoy these goodies.



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You can get my free Layer Blending modes ebook along with dozens of exclusive Photoshop Goodies here photoshop goodies for free

20 responses to “Download free Photoshop extras, actions, brushes, presets, LUTs, profiles and more”

  1. Thanks Colin,
    These goodies are much appreciated. I also enjoy your Aussie accent. (I’m a Scot but lived in Australia for many years – one of my favourite places!)
    Sheila Macdonald

  2. Hi Colin, muchly appreciated these high quality freebies, I’ve already installed and used your custom LUTS which are great! Like the way you explain PS in a clear and structured way and with all the steps included, that really helps. Also, it looks like you play a mean blues guitar, I recently acquired an Epiphone 335 and am trying the riffs from the old days.

  3. Thank you very much. I remember watching your tutorials during my day’s at college, and I still do.
    I am surprise the tutorials you bring out. I still learn something new. thank you for the gift you are
    giving all of us.

  4. Thanks very much Colin! I have been using your site for many years, probably not long after you started it. Your tutorials are invaluable and I have learned a lot from them. You are a very good presenter/tutor and a great guy!

  5. Thank you, Colin. I’ve been with you since the beginning . . . I had no idea it was 21 years . . . until today. WOW! I appreciate all of the hundreds of videos I’ve watched from you. Thank you.

  6. I’m amature photographer, watching almost all episodes of you. Kindly help me to get your freebies: my email doesn’t get registered / I didn’t get confirmation email- I’ve looked in spam mails too.

    • If you are already on our mailing list (Usually why you get this message) jut look in the weekly email and the link is in there near the bottom to download directly

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