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3 killer Photoshop Tips on Layers

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Here are 3 Photoshop tips that you probably don’t know. These killer tips are VERY useful for working with Layers in Photoshop and are sure to save you lots of time.

Let me know in the comments if you new these, or if they were new to you?

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16 responses to “3 killer Photoshop Tips on Layers”

  1. Even though I don’t have reasons to use photoshop often, I always enjoy watching your tutorials. Your videos are easy to understand and easy to see the layer panel as you work. Just a great teacher! Obviously you love what you do and your tutorials show it! Thanks for being there for us out here.

  2. All three tips were terrific and new to me, but they were so fast, I couldn’t write down the keystrokes. Any chance you could have a written version? Thanks!

  3. Wow—Colin, these are WONDERFUL. I didn’t know how to create a new document from selected layers. AND The Current State in the History panel new document option=== I could have used four times today on the projects I was working on. THANK YOU

  4. They are indeed 3 Killer Photoshop Tips on Layers, Colin! Very impressed. . . I knew 2 but not the last. Thanks millions!

  5. Thank you, Colin. Very interesting tips. I goggled at the amount of layers you used – great job!

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