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2019 Mac Pro review and speed test on Adobe software.

Everything you need to know about the 2019 Apple Mac Pro

This page covers setting up the 2019 Apple Mac Pro, speed tests and upgrading the components.
Full review and speed test of the 2019 Mac Pro: v 16″ MacBook Pro, 32Gb Radeon GPU vs 8Gb. Tested with Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and Lightroom Classic.
Check out the Mac Pro and see what’s insiders well as configuration advice.

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2019 Mac Pro Speed comparison with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom Classic and After Effects. Mac Pro vs 16″ MacBook Pro vs trashcan Mac Pro.

Check out the real world speed tests between the different machines and Adobe software.

See the 32Gb Radeon Vega 2 pro v 8G Radeon 8Gb GPU.


How to upgrade a 2019 Mac Pro

How to upgrade the SSD and RAM in a 2019 Mac Pro “the cheese grater”


Links to the gear I used..


1 TB NVME drive: 

PCIe M.2 Card: 

The RAM I used (64Gb): 

Samsung Duo USB-C thumb drive: 

Thanks for checking out these reviews (Ill post the charts and text here soon)

In case you were wondering, no I didn’t buy 2 Mac pros, I got one and borrowed the other one from a friend.

Check out the review on the 16″ MacBook pro here





9 responses to “2019 Mac Pro review and speed test on Adobe software.”

  1. Hello…watched the unboxing and enjoyed it….As I understand from you this is a high-end video processing.
    I would like to learn what is high-end Photoshop and lightroom processing. A tutorial on that would be helpful to us {me} photo processing folks.
    I have enjoyed your tutorials for a few years now, Thanks

  2. Just watched the speed test between the new MacPro,MacBook Pro, and the”trash can”. My interest is still photography and printing. I would assume all would be an improvement over the “trashcan”. And where does the
    imaging screen play into this?

  3. Have your had a chance to run the test with the Radeon Pro W5700X.

    What about render basic preview or 1:1 images in LR (like after a shoot, 1000 images)?

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