Glass Text Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that will show you the easiest way to create glass text in Photoshop using layer styles.


Difficulty 3/10
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Glass Text Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1


Start with a background. 72dpi and RGB mode.


Step 2

Add some text, here I used galant (


Step 3


Add a layer style by clicking the little “f” at the bottom of the layers pallette.

Add a dropshadow and a bevel, copy the settings shown here.

Note 2 things here that really make the glass “pop”

1. Change the contour, this gives the reflected look.
2. uncheck the global light and change the altitude to 70.


Step 4


Here is the result, pretty uninspiring huh?


Step 5


This step is where the magic happens!

In the styles palette, click on the Custom blending options.

Now pull the fill opacity all the way to 0 and the rabbit comes out of the hat!


Step 6


Here is our glass type.
Download the psd


Step 7


Here I copied the layer style to the background layer to make that glass too.

Have fun with this and see you in the forum.


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