Reflections on the Route CS6 tour so far and some pictures.

I just returned from a whirlwind tour of the East Coast. I had a fantastic time. it was great to visit Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, Boston and New York City. I have been teaching full-day Photoshop seminars to photographers and designers.

Times square. All the hustle and bustle of Times Square. The image is called “hustle”

It’s a lot of fun to travel, however at times it gets a little bit tiring. Literally visiting a different city every two days can definitely mess with your schedule. It was very exciting to see a lot of cafĂ© members out on the road. The turnout at the different cities was fantastic and people were very enthusiastic. We had a lot of fun using the different Photoshop techniques. Some of the highlights on the tour are the new features in Photoshop CS6 and the video portion drew a lot of attention from surprised photographers and designers. Many didn’t think that section would be of interest, but the session isn’t like many of the boring technical sessions that have been presented in the past. I made an effort to organize some of my 5D footage into a project that anyone can do, and it paid off as many photographers told me they are inspired to do video.

The last Session “Photoshop recipes for the road” was a particular hit as we do a quick fire approach and go through close to a dozen different effects and tips. This session is designed to roll all of the things that have been taught throughout the day and present them in fun and creative ways to apply them in a practical way. Its not enough to learn techniques, if you can’t have fun using them..

A huge hit with the audience is the giveaways including a huge 170 page e.workbook. The attendees were very happily surprised with this and releaved that they don’t have to take many notes. They were also happy with all the other give aways including training videos, stock photos, actions, zenfolio accounts and more.

If you don’t know what this is about make sure to visit for more information on the tour. There are still seven cities left and we embark on this journey next Thursday when I head to Chicago. After that we go to many Minnesota, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

I have decided to post a few photos that I’ve been taking along the way so please enjoy these. One of my goals is to take photos at each city visited and post them up on Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog.

This is an Tilt-shift HDR with a 3 shot bracket. I used the Lensbaby Edge 80 tiltshift lens on my 5D for this shot.


I call this image “warmth” It’s a handheld HDR in Boston. I was actually taking a wider shot and then the streetlights came on, so I came in tight so that they wouldn’t show. I’m happy I did as I’m pleased with the result.

Some HDR of Boston at night. I decided to go for a saturated feel which is unusual for me, but it tells the story I want for this image that I call “whoville”

Miami, this is a handheld HDR outside the hotel


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  1. Worth the trip .Got to be crazy to miss this. They give you free goodies, it like they are paying you to learn photoshop.Thank you very much:)

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