Portrait Lighting On Location

with Tony Corbell

Tony demonstrates his easy-to-learn location lighting techniques. He explores unique ideas of understanding light, working with subjects, controlling backgrounds, and much more.

Tony Corbell has had his eye on the light
for a long time and it shows. Tony has always been active as a student and a teacher of photographic education. As a friend and student of Dean Collins for many years, he not only honed his lighting techniques but also learned invaluable teaching skills for photography. He then tooks those skills and refined them over the course of his career.


Controlling the Sun

Working with translucent light shaping tools and a Plexiglas mirror
allows the ability to work all day with controlled light quality.

The Daylight Studio

Creating the look of working in the studio, we take our model and
crew outside to control the sun to complete the illusion.

Portrait of A Physician

Hospital location portrait of a leading cardiologist using multiple
lights to create depth and dimension, shape and form.

Amber & Abbey

Working inside someone’s home offers unique challenges and
opportunities for photographing this new mom and her baby.

Ambience & Flash Together Outdoors

Understanding how flash works with daylight and how to best use
a light meter for true exposures is illustrated in this segment.

Tony’s Image Enhancing

Tony opens a selected image from each of the shoot sessions to
illustrate how he approaches the final steps of image editing.


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