Photoshop Destination CC LIVE – New Features of Photoshop CC

with Colin Smith

Learn all the new features of Adobe Photoshop CC, the fastest and most enjoyable way possible! Join Colin Smith on this live recording as he shows you all the new features and hidden tips and tricks in the Adobe sponsored live event.

For several years, Adobe has been adding features to Photoshop. This is the place to find out how to use them in your everyday workflow. No dry theory here, just back to back practical application of the new tools on real-world projects.

The screen is recorded in high quality video and tightly edited so you can see exactly what is going on without any filler. Recorded on multiple cameras to capture the excitement and energy of a full-house, live presentation at the Barnsdall Theater in Hollywood California.

This title contains 2 hours of crisp video! The easy to use, advanced interface allows you to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback. Many of the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

The final stop of the 7-city tour is your living room or office. The ideal way to immerse yourself in Photoshop goodness!



Welcome and Creative Cloud walkthrough


Create a timelapse video and make it look like it was shot with a tiltshift lens


New options in Color Range make selections a breeze


Full walkthrough, stitching a panorama, using aerial photos from a GoPro

Camera Shake Reduction

Remove the blur that’s caused by camera shake. Creative practical applications of this filter.

Camera RAW

New tools in Camera Raw as a filter as well as retouching non destructively

HDR and 23 bit imaging

Edit HDR in Camera Raw and much more

Video Enhancements

New options for Video editing in Photoshop


New way of automatically pulling images out of layered compositions


New options with rounded corners and styling text

Custom Brush

Making reusable brushes from photos, remove perspective in photos

3D from images

Create a 3D model from a photograph and then paint on transparency and more

Misc new features

More new features

iPad instruction

Moving this video onto a mobile device


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