Photoshop Secrets: Photographic Effects

with Colin Smith

Join one of the world’s foremost Photoshop experts, Colin Smith. Colin shares his mouth-watering recepies, that will turn your photographs into jaw-dropping masterpieces. He reveals how to mimick the coolest traditional darkroom techniques and a whole lot more that would usually require thousands of dollars of special gear. He studied photographs that used special development processes and equipment, such as tilt-shift lens, toy cameras etc. He then deconstructed the looks and turned them into easy to follow photoshop techniques.

Learn how to change the time of day, the weather and even the environment. These techniques are just like magic! All of these original techniques stand up to industry standards, because Colin has used them in his professional work for years. You will be amazed at how easy these techniques are once you know the “secret sauce.” All the photographs have been taken by Colin, so there are no canned, stock photos. You won’t find these techniques in the user manual… or anywhere else.

Photographers and designers will celebrate this
one-of-a-kind title in their learning library.

From Colin….” This is one I have been thinking about creating for several years now. I have been thinking, “What if there were a video that shows people how to mimick real-world photographic techniques?” Tilt-shift lenses, special types of processing, toy cameras, old antique photos and the like. So, I studied photos of these different techniques and figured out the best way to replicate them in Photoshop. If you’re familiar with my style of teaching, you’ll know that the workflows are robust and non-destructive. I have thrown in a ton of personal tips and shortcuts. Amazingly enough, all this is easy to follow, so that anyone of any level can do this. I also used techniques that will work on any version of Photoshop, past or future! “

CH1 Creating Different Camera Looks

Lens Zoom

Simulate the effect of a zooming lens with a slow shutter speed

Fake HDR

Create an effect that mimics a tone mapped HDR photo from a single image

Fake HDR 2

Use HDR Toning to Create an effect that mimics a tone mapped HDR photo from a single image

Toy Camera

Change your photo to look like it was shot with a plastic camera, such as a cheap Holga or toy camera

Split Tone

Create a split tone effect with color cast in shadows and highlights

Split tone 2

Create a split tone effect in Camera Raw with color cast in shadows and highlights

Black and White – Grayscale

Two methods of grayscale conversion for the best results. Also an explanation of what’s happening

Antique Look

Change your photo to look like it was shot in the 1800’s with the Frederick Archer style wet Process

Vintage Photo

A popular old-time look, both in faded color and sepia tone

CH2 Changing the Mood

Hyper Detailed

Create a smooth, but detailed image, along the lines of a Dave Hill style

Cinematic Look

Apply some processing to give a photo a cinematic movie feel

Fake Sunset

Take a photograph from the middle of the day and make it look like it’s sunset

Dreamy Slide Sandwich

Create a glowing, soft, doubled feel that adds an amazing feel to a photograph

Magical Glow

Create a romantic feel, by softening the highlights of a photograph and making the whites glow. Both landscape and wedding photos covered

Soft Portrait Focus

Add a nice soft glow to portraits, for that glamorous touch

CH3 Artistic Effects

Area Color

Make the photograph black and white, except for a single colored object

Cartoon Effect

Turn a photo into a cartoon, a fun effect

Hand Painted Looks

Learn how to make your photo look like different hand-painted styles, including a simulated canvas background

Pencil Sketch

Turn a photo into a convincing pencil sketch. Also included colorizing and etching techniques

Change Color

Change the color of a portion of a photograph without making any selections

Psychedelic Sunburst

Create a sunburst effect that Jimi Hendricks would love

Ch4 Special Effects

Tilt Shift Miniaturization

Fake a tilt shift effect. Make huge objects in photos look like miniatures

Depth of Field

Add a depth of field effect to a sharp photograph. This goes way beyond just a simple blur

Water Reflection

Create a lake of water in a dry place. Very believable and unbelievably simple


Create a rain effect. Add layers of rain to simulate distance

Sky Replacement

Take a plain boring sky and replace it with a nice cloudy sky. Some extra tips to add correct atmosphere and coloring so it looks real

Light Beams – Night for Day effect

Create beams of light and illuminate a subject realistically. Change a daytime shot into a night shot. Also learn to change the color of the lighting in a single move

Uploading to iPad

Learn how to watch this video on an iPad or other portable device


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