Learning the Hypercreative Method of Design

with Ali Sabet

Dramatically speed up your design process

Design Faster and Better

Successful designer and branding consultant, Ali Sabet discovered that you can create higher quality work at speeds you didn’t think possible. He has discovered how you can tap into the creative “zone” quickly and easily. He calls this revolutionary new way of working the “Hypercreative Method.” Tap into Hyperflow and you will find that your design skills will improve overnight! Discover the principles that you need, free your mind, and cast aside the things that have been holding you back from reaching your peak potential.

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 1 hour of sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback including full screen. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!


The Hypercreative Method™

Ali Sabet Welcomes you to The Hypercreative Method™ A method for the rapid creation of quality designs.  

The Hypercreative Method™ Overview

Learn the basics of the Hypercreative Method™. Get a clear understanding of the 3 core concepts of HCM and how they apply to your personal creative process. Learn how to spark and supercharge your creativity from concept to final deliverable product.

5 Elements of Heart

Learn what the 5 elements of Heart are. Get a clear understanding of the first core concept of Heart; Clear State of Mind.  

Desire To Create

Learn what drives us to create and how to spark the inspiration we need to get us jump started.

The Inner Workings of Creation

Learn how to let go of fears and anxiety. Get a clear understanding of how judgment effects our creative process. Learn how necessary fun is in the creative process and how to stay truly connected and in the present when working.  

5 Elements of Concept

Understand the basics of the conceptualization phase of the hypercreative process. Also understand how to dive deep into the core values of the project you are working on.

Rapid Research

Learn how to cut down your research time. This is an important phase of the hypercreative process. By understanding the basic requirements of research you can speed up your conceptualizing ability.  

Creative Association

Learn some of the techniques to develop multiple ideas about your concept.


Understand the importance of sketching and carrying a sketchbook at all times. Understand how to see and interact with your surroundings. Free draw and doodle to open up your mind and heart.  

Evaluation and Rapid Selection

Learn how to evaluate your work. Understand the value of rapid selection to speed up the creative process

Know Your Tools

Understand what it takes to be fluent in your particular tools. Learn simple exercises that allow you to get quicker and more efficient with your creative tools  

Construction, References and Rapid Selection

Learn how to break down other peoples work. Create an understanding of deconstruction and construction of existing creative works for your betterment. Learn how to build a reference archive. Get a good understanding of how to evaluate and rapidly select your final work.

Preparation and Presentation

Learn the importance of creating a strong presentation. Understand what you can do to prepare for and present your ideas. Learn the importance of selling your ideas and finished work during a presentation.  

It’s a Wrap

Ali gives some final thoughts about The Hypercreative Method™


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