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Jack Reznicki

Jack Reznicki is one of the best known and most respected photographers in the country. A 1976 graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, he opened his New York City studio in 1980. Jack’s insights into professional photography can be found every month in his “ProVision” column in Petersen’s Photographic magazine. A popular lecturer and teacher, Jack’s intelligence and experience are evident in the numerous seminars that he gives around the country. In his humor-filled talks, Jack shows how creative thinking can help solve the most demanding clients’ visual needs. Along with many other awards, Jack received the 1999 IPC (International Photographic Council) Leadership medal for “Excellence in Studio Photography” at the United Nations. He also founded and operates, along with Gary Gladstone, the Photo News Network (PNN) on the Internet. PNN is home to the very popular Photo Forums, PhotoPro, PhotoTech, PhotoDigital, and PhotoWed.

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