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How to set up and balance DJI RS3 mini Gimbal

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The DJI RS3 mini is a compact gimbal stabilizer that is compatible with lots of cameras including the latest mirrorless and compact cameras from Sony, Canon, Fuji and Nikon. It features three-axis stabilization, which helps to smooth out shakes and vibrations, resulting in stable and professional-looking footage. The gimbal also has a variety of shooting modes, such as panorama and time-lapse, and can be controlled remotely via the DJI Ronin app.

The RS3 mini is currently the lightest mini gimbal capable of holding a mirrorless camera on the market.

Built on similar tech as the RS3 and the RS3 Pro, but is lighter weight at around 800Grams (1.8lbs)  and can carry 2 kilogram (4.4lb) payload. RS3 mini can also shoot vertical for social media. It comes in at $369 USD.

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I have created a video that shows you the full setup for this gimbal.

It takes you through the entire process:

00:00 – Intro, what’s covered

00:30  – Setup the core Ronin RS3 mini gimbal

01:27 – Charging the gimbal

2:02 Mounting the camera

03:48 – Balancing the camera on the gimbal

09:07 – Activating and connecting to the Ronin app

10:01 – Calibrating with Autotune

11:00 – Set up Wireless bluetooth control

12:46 –  USB cable Control from camera to RS3

13:55-  Sony A7S3 settings for USB Control

14:56 – Set up manual focus

16:26 Set up Vertical mode 

18:28 – Set up briefcase mode  

19:19 Using the Ronin App features, Force tracking etc

I have also created a video for the DJI RS3 pro and Raveneye here


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