Phantom 4 Training Bundle

with Colin Smith

The DJI Phantom 4 training bundle includes everything you need to Fly, shoot and edit stunning photos and video on a DJI Phantom 4
Includes the Full Versions of:
How to Fly DJI Phantom 4 Drones & shoot stunning photos and videos
Beautiful Drone images, Aerial Photography and video Post Production
Value $89.99.
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Beautiful Drone images, Aerial Photography and video Post Production

Colin shares his processing secrets that made him the #1 Liked Photographer on Skypixel. Discover his entire Lightroom and Photoshop workflow. Learn how to best edit photos, panoramas, HDR and video for stunning results. You won’t find this kind of information anywhere else. Learn to edit video in Photoshop and Premiere Pro, even if you have never edited video before. Stabalize shaky footage, color grade like a pro and do speed ramping effects. This Product covers Lightroom 6/CC, Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC (Even if you don’t have Premiere, you will learn how to use Photoshop for your video).

How to Fly DJI Phantom 4 Drones & shoot stunning photos and videos

Learn how to Fly the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone now! How to get your new drone out of the box and into the sky and not into a tree! This Plain-English training course is broken into three parts, to quickly teach you what you need to know to fly and shoot beautiful photos and videos. Learn the best practices for safe, hassle free flying, so you can maximize your fun. Set up your Phantom 4 correctly and customize the settings to work the best for you. Learn about the different parts and how to properly maintain them and check them for air-worthiness. Another important key is keeping everything updated and calibrated, you will learn this too along with helpful advice. Learn how to use the go app and how to get the full use and benefits out of your hardware. Learn how to customize all the settings. Most importantly, learn what everything does. The app is very useful when you understand it, but can be overwhelming if you don’t know how it all works. On location flying. Learn how to fly safely and responsibly. Learn some flying exercises that will quickly develop skills and strengthen your flying muscles. Watch over your instructors shoulder as you embark on some real-world photography and video shoots. Lot’s of tips along the way, so you can shoot winning images. Learn how to use the automated flight modes, your drone can follow things and fly by itself to get professional looking camera moves that used to take years to master.


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