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Comic Book Coloring in Adobe Photoshop

Jeromy Cox


If you have ever looked at comic books like Batman, Spider-Man and Superman and wished you could create the same type of look, you are in luck! Meet your new teacher, the man who has worked on these legendary comic books and more!

In this video, one of today’s leading forces in the comic book world, Jeromy Cox reveals his workflow and techniques as a professional colorist. Watch and follow along as Jeromy shows you the techniques and explains the principles and philosophy that have caused him to be so successful in the industry. Not only will you learn the building blocks that will enable your digital painting skills soar, you will also learn how to be efficient with your time in Photoshop.

Jeromy walks you through a complete panel from his original comic book, Vampyrates, start to finish. The base sketch is included, so you can follow along. The high resolution final panel is also available, so you can see all the details.

This video contains around 5 hours of video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback including Full Screen. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

Lessons Include

Workflow secrets

Timeless Photoshop techniques

Color theory

How to make a good composition

Cut and gradient technique

Background and midground

Rendering foreground characters

Special effects: Smoke and fire

Special effects: Additional line work

Dramatic lighting

Texturing surfaces

Separating from background

Softer rendering for female subjects

Overview and corrections

Decision making

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Product Description

Watch the Trailer here, to see what this video is all about


An introduction from Jeromy Cox.

Opening Page

Before we start the page, it's good to take some time to familiarize Jeromy's work area and what goes into his thought process before he begins a page.

Theory, Tools and Composition

Additional tools and composition theory are discussed as we begin the project.

Cut and Grad Technique pt 1

The Cut and Gradient Technique is akin to the traditional method of painting using an airbrush with friskets. Isolating shapes of light as it passes across three dimensional figures and objects.

Cut and Grad Technique pt 2

Part 2 of the Cut and Gradient Technique

Background and Midground

Using the same Cut and Gradient Technique, we render the mid ground and background in a similar fashion.

Special Effects- smoke and fire

To add more depth, we enhance the separation of the background from the foreground by knocking out line work and add atmosphere to the image by rendering a glow on the fire.

Special Effects- additional line work

Knocking out more line work in detail.

Dramatic Lighting 1)

Moving on to the first and second panels, we continue the same process but pay close attention to dramatic lighting. This features the main protagonist.

Dramatic Lighting 2

We continue the same process but pay close attention to dramatic lighting. This is a comic book about Vampire Pirates, after all.

>Dramatic Lighting 3

Continuing the same process paying close attention to dramatic lighting.

Textured surfaces and foreground protagonist

Learn different techniques to render rock textures. This scenes features some of our protagonists, so we pay more attention to their details.

Separating Background

Again, knocking out the line work adds depth to the image and makes the background recede.

Softer Rendering- Female

This mid ground character is one of our main villains, so we place more attention to detail and render her softer than the rest of her Vampyrate compatriots.

Overview and corrections

Near completion, we zoom out to see how the whole page looks and determine which areas are important to improve or fix.

Closing Thoughts

Jeromy gives some final thoughts and resources for further learning.
Jeromy Cox

Jeromy Cox

Jeromy Cox started in the digital arts animating and art directing for Saturday Morning cartoons, video games and location based rides like Disney's The Virtual Jungle Cruise at Epcot Center. The appeal of comic books was strong and in 1992, Jeromy self published his first comic book, Zombie Love, using traditional hand drawn artwork alongside Photoshop 2.0. His artistic skills mixed with his knowledge of computers lead him to join Image Comics, more specifically, Jim Lee's Wildstorm Productions. Working on all of the earliest Wildstorm titles, including W.I.L.D.Cats, Gen-13 and Stormwatch. It wasn't until his work on Leave It To Chance, that comic book fans and peers seriously took notice of Jeromy's distinctive colors. His work on Leave It To Chance lead to nominations for Eisner's and Harvey awards aplenty. This notoriety lead to stints on Mage, Grendel, Rex Mundi and eventually too the more familiar titles of Batman, Superman, X-Factor and Amazing Spiderman. Today, Jeromy continues his work on X-Men, Batman and Justice League while still finding time to launch his own comic book title, Vampyrates. The tongue in cheek horror comic allows Jeromy to stretch his artistic imagination using Photoshop as his primary tool.

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