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Custom Brushes and Painting in Photoshop

Lee Kohse


Over 100 Brushes included

If you want to create awesome paintings in Photoshop, you are going to need a great set of brushes and the know-how to use them. Join one of the entertainment Industry’s leading experts, as Lee Kohse shows you how to create high quality brushes in Photoshop. Lee will also show you the settings that you need to make them work the best way. Then watch over Lee’s shoulder as he paints a real project. Watch and learn as Lee redesigns the iconic “Voltron” in a Steampunk style. Starting with a shaded sketch, you will learn the secrets to painting with custom brushes to create natural and realistic texture and detail without that overly CG look. Lee includes over 100 custom brushes for your immediate use on this DVD.

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 3 hours of sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

This is your chance to sit down with one of the industry’s leading experts and discover the secrets and digital workflow for the pros.

This is your chance to sit down with one of the industry’s leading experts and discover the secrets and digital workflow for the pros.

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Product Description

Brush Creation

Learn how to make a brush

Cloud Brush

Create a brush that is used to create clouds and steam

Saving Brushes

How to save your brushes

Voltron Setup

Getting started with Voltron. Seting up the sketch and blocking out

Voltron Block out Details

Blocking out the basic details

Voltron Cleanup

Cleaning up the basic block out

Voltron File Texture

Using images to make brushes and textures

Voltron Basic Details

Paint in the basic details, start to add depth

Voltron Lowlights

Lowlights add depth and are less "in your face" than highlights

Voltron Sword

Adding the depth, detail and basic glow to the sword

Voltron Highlights

Adding the highlights to make metal look more shiny and adding detail

Voltron Enviroment

Painting the enviroment to create a setting

Clouds and Steam

Painting the particle effects such as cloud and steam.
Lee Kohse

Lee Kohse

Lee Kohse is an artist from California. One day in 1994, he found a computer with Photoshop on it. He has been using it almost daily ever since. He has earned over 30 awards for Art Direction and design. His client list includes Nike, Verizon, Microsoft, Lucasfilm, Topps, Inkworks, DC Comics, IDW Comics, 20th Century Fox and he has produced art for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens Vs Predator, Angel, and more. Currently he is the Creative Director of BloodFire Studios (, an indie comic publisher where he works with some of the best artists in the film and comic industries creating comics and original content for corporate clients as well as his own comic, Kindergot

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