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DJI Mavic Pro vs DJI Phantom 4 Drone Dji Mavic or Phantom 4 Pro? Drone v drone

We take the DJI Mavic and Phantom 4 pro out flying and shooting. See the videos and the photos and decide which is the best for you. Bonus: Some of the best Drone on Drone footage you will have seen.

Video Review
Canon 77D Review, Entry level DSLR with great video features

Canon 77D DSLR camera. Full review and hands on test. Is this a good camera for photos and video? Possibly the best vlogging camera out there for the price.

Video Review
How to get stats from Amazon s3 easily

We have been using Amazon S3 storage (Simple Storage Solution) for a while now at the CAFE. This is how we deliver our digital files. It’s a low cost way […]

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DJI Mavic Pro vs DJI Phantom 4 Drone kicked off a plane with my drone, for trying to obey the rules

Last week I getting on a plane to fly home and got kicked off the Southwest flight. The overheads were full and they wanted to check in my drone, which was fine, […]

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Epson SureColor P600 printer review

Epson SureColor P600 tested and reviewed by Colin Smith PhotoshopCAFE. If you are looking for a desktop photo printer that prints up to 13×19 and roll paper, check out the Epson P600 and see how it performed.

Written Review
Jetman is real-life Iron man flying beside Jumbo Jet

Yves Rossy is jetman! See videos of jetman flying alongside a jumbo yet and over the city of Dubai. Meet the man who is Jetman, a real life Iron Man!

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Inside Adobe MAX 2015 Creativity Conference

What happens at Adobe MAX, All the Max sneaks, party, conference and more, first person account from Colin Smith

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Route CS6 Photoshop Seminar Tour with Colin Smith

(update) The tour is is full swing!! See the page here So, I’m heading out on the road this summer. I’m excited about the upcoming tour. It’s a Route 66 […]

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Youtube loves us, we need your help!

Amazing YouTube news! I need you! PhotoshopCAFE (Us) Has been chosen for YouTube’s “On the Rise” This is an awesome honor and we have the opportunity to be on the homepage […]

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Design Challenge 13 winners and finalists announced

 Design Challenge 13 winners and Finalists announced I’ve been busy this morning (and this weekend), going through all the great entries we just received for our contest. There were so […]

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Why YOU should care about digital video

Let me pose a question to you. Why would you want to create video? This question isn’t aimed at those who are creating videos all day long as professional videographers. […]

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Photoshop CS6.1 and Creative Cloud advice in our Free Magazine | CS6 Super guide is here

I’m very lucky to count among my friends some of the best and most influential Photoshop and Creative Suite users and instructors. Because of this, I’m able to pull in […]

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Making history with Google Glass and Photoshop

This could well be the first ever Photoshop / photography seminar through Google Glass. See what it’s like to be in the instructors seat. Learn the new Camera Raw features […]

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Aerial Photography and video with the GoPro and DJI Phantom Quadcopter

I just got back from Photoshop World. It was huge success and I had great feedback from all my classes. I have posted some of the videos from the Pre […]

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PhotoshopCAFE training Digital Downloads now on Amazon s3, better option than streaming subscriptions

I’m excited excited to announce that we are now using the Amazon s3 cloud to deliver our digital downloads. What this means to our customers, is more reliable downloads, better […]

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Reflections on the Route CS6 tour so far and some pictures.

I just returned from a whirlwind tour of the East Coast. I had a fantastic time. it was great to visit Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, Boston and New […]

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Colin Smith Interview on NIK Radio

I just had the honor of being featured on NIK radio with host Scott Sheppard. Scott interviews me about everything from photography, technology, roots, HDR, the Route CS6 tour, PhotoshopCAFE […]

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