Adobe Camera Raw Handbook, How to use ACR – In depth course.

with Colin Smith

Adobe Camera Raw Handbook

Learn ACR Inside out, Latest version of Camera Raw (Updated for ACR 13.1 Nov 2020).

By far the most powerful tool for working with images is Adobe Camera Raw. This Photoshop plugin is a powerhouse of image processing muscle. ACR packs all the power of Lightroom adjustments into a feature rich plugin.

With all this added power, it’s difficult for the user to understand how to correctly use ACR, or even be aware of all the features, let alone the plethora of hidden tricks and shortcuts. Add to this the complete redesign on the user interface, and no one can blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed.

This is exactly why we created this training. In the casual conversational style that Colin Smith is famous for, you have a friend who will explain exactly how to use the newest version of Camera Raw.

The training goes in depth to every module, tool and slider, but don’t worry, these are bite sized chunks and the jargon is left out (or simply explained if it is used).  With decades of experience using Adobe tools in real-world jobs (and doing training for Adobe), Colin has the professional background and knowledge to train you in the industry standard best practices, that stand up to scrutiny.

It doesn’t matter of you are a complete beginner, or an experienced user, seeking to learn the new interface and features, this training course will get you to where you want to be, fast! In no time, you will be opening ACR and getting straight to work with familiar tools and workflows. You will know what to look for and the best tool for the job. This isn’t a dry lecture either, you’ll have lots of fun along the journey and unlock your creative potential. Your photos or client’s photos are going to look better than you imagined and it’s going to be easier than you through.

This course starts with the basic orientation, and quickly embarks on the journey to photo editing freedom. We will be correcting color and tone, targeting specific colors and tones and adding the finishing edge. Together we will discover ways to make your work repeatable, by using color profiles, presets and even the new ISO Adaptive Presets. You’ll learn how to use all the tools for fixing and enhancing specific areas of the images and pick up a lot of insider tips and tricks along the way.

You don’t have to be a photographer to use ACR either, this is the best set of tools for editing images, or layers from Photoshop. We got that covered too, you will learn how to integrate ACR from Bridge, Photoshop and even Lightroom.

The most valuable asset you have is your time, don’t waste it searching for the answers to your ACR questions, when you have everything you need right here. All of Colin’s images are included, so you can make the same edits on the same images, along with your instructor. There are also bonus presets included, and you’ll learn how to install them.

Alright! What are you waiting for, let’s get started today. Download the course and bonus lesson files right now and you can be on your way to mastering Camera Raw right now. There is no risk, because we will refund you if you aren’t satisfied. (Spoiler alert: Almost no one asks for refunds though).

What you will learn..

LESSON 0.      GETTING STARTED Welcome, and orientation

LESSON 1.     OPEN PHOTOS IN ACR  How to get photos into ACR

The interface has completely changed, where everything is now

LESSON 3.    PANEL MANAGEMENTmanage modules on any screen size



LESSON 4.    AUTO ADJUSTMENTSFix photos in a single click

LESSON 5.    BASIC ADJUSTMENTSThe bread and butter adjustments

LESSON 6.    WHITE BALANCE Remove color cast, get correct colors

LESSON 7.    CURVES pinpoint control over color and tone

LESSON 8.    EFFECTS Add Vignette and Grain to nice effects

LESSON 9.    COLOR MIXERTake control over every aspect of your colors

LESSON 10.  BLACK AND WHITE Converting to a perfect black and white image

LESSON 11.   SPLIT TONING Create cross processed, sepia, filmic and creative color tones

Fix color fringing and barrel distortions

LESSON 13.  SHARPENING  Make your images sharp, exactly where you want it

LESSON 14.  CHANGE COLORS OF OBJECTS  Change colors, like magic, but much easier

LESSON 15.  NOISE REDUCTION  Remove color and luminance noise for clean, smooth images

Fine tune camera colors and choose the correct processing version


Remove blemishes, cloning and healing

Paint on adjustments

graduated application of adjustments

Relight your photos and make super vignettes

Fix distortion and warping, upright corrections are here

Make everything all level

LESSON 23.  CROPPING How to crop for composition and to fit a size



LESSON 24.  SAVING AND RESIZING Save your photos in different format and sizes

Blast the red eye from humans and animals

LESSON 26.  FACIAL RETOUCHING Full facial retouch, skin softening, eye and teeth enhancement

LESSON 27.  ADVANCED ADJUSTMENT BRUSH  Dodge and Burn for depth and drama



Be free to experiment

LESSON 29.  PRESETS How to use and make your own presets

LESSON 30.  ISO ADAPTIVE PRESETS Make intelligent presets that change to match your ISO

LESSON 31.  USING PROFILES  How to use the powerful Camera Raw Profiles

LESSON 32.  CREATING PROFILES How to make your own color profiles


LESSON 33.  HDR How to make an High Dynamic Range photo from bracketed photos

LESSON 34.  MAKE A PANORAMAHow to stitch a seamless, sweeping panorama

How to make a Multi-level panorama

Make a panorama that is also in HDR

Add cinematic looking color grades on your video (in ACR!)

Adjust bulk images, all at one


Apply and remove adjustments without even opening ACR

Smart Objects are the way to work, see why

How to take images from Lightroom to ACR and back


Create automatic processing for specific cameras

What all the preferences do and which settings Colin recommends



Running time, almost 6 hours


15 reviews for Adobe Camera Raw Handbook, How to use ACR – In depth course.

  1. Larry L McDonald (verified owner)

    The changes to photoshop raw was very extensive and I have never found photoshop information easy to use. This course has the information presented in a way that is understandable and saves me time trying to figure it all out. I would recommend the course to anyone serious about photography. The little movies for each section are done very well.

  2. Bert Murphy

    I’ve used Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw for a long time. This course was great in that it showed me all the features I was missing because I tend to always do things the same way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use Adobe Camera Raw more fully, and do picture post-processing bette!

  3. Debra Diehm (verified owner)

    Excellent! Loads of information and tips. Shown and explained very well. I am learning a tremendous amount and enjoying every minute of it! Thank you.

  4. Malcolm Puntis (verified owner)

    This course is excellent, each modules is succinct yet comprehensive. This has saved me so much time over my usual trial and error way of learning. The layout of the course means it’s easy to go back and check up something if you need to.

  5. Stephen Cahill (verified owner)

    Fantastic course and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses Photoshop for work or even for fun! I’ve been using Photoshop for many years but never used Camera Raw much at all – I always thought it was only for altering Canon Raw images, not other file types also (how wrong was I). Wow! what a revelation this course has been – my level of competence in improving images has been raised dramatically. Well presented by Colin in his usual simple and easy to follow manner. So as we say in Australia ……. Do yourself a favour!!!

  6. robertwarbrick (verified owner)

    Once again another excellent course from Colin,i didn’t know you could do so much with ACR. each video just the right length and Colins easy style make them easy to follow.i have even started using Bridge again not done so for ages.If you want to learn ACR this is the course for you.

  7. Chris Bell (verified owner)

    Easy to follow bit-size lessons focusing on a specific feature with plenty of examples. Made me realise how much potential there is in ACR and how little I really understood on how to get the best from the software. It’s had a big impact on my workflow in a very short space of time.

  8. Noreen (verified owner)

    Three good things (at least) happen when Colin creates lessons: 1-you will learn new things even if you are an experienced Photoshop user. 2-you will save time by using ACR more efficiently. 3- you will have better photos. And for a bonus – learning from Colin is actually fun! A very nice thing about the short lessons, is that each one is specific. If you ever find that you’ve forgotten something, say Resizing, it is very simple to go back to lesson 24, and there it is – no time wasted. Love this and think you will too.

  9. dgnaisby (verified owner)

    A couple of months ago I had another impulse thought. I want to get back into photography thought I. My last impulse was to get back into Flying — transition from foot-launch to microlight, that was relatively easy. Back in the day I did a lot of BW and Cibachrome work, analogue. Then when I went digital played with Photoshop, oh .. 20 yrs ago.
    So – off we go and hell — the world has changed hugely. I was struggling to go back to basics. What’s lightroom? What’s Bridge? Come to that, how did Photoshop get so complicated? See where I’m going?
    Then I stumbled across Colin and Photoshop Cafe on YouTube. Brilliant short and concise videos and an ability to to convey sometimes complex points in a simple, digestible, fashion.
    Finally, I’m now understanding and working with ACR — and as a side benefit I get to learn about the other two beasts.
    Blown Away.


  10. Dieter Boesewinkel (verified owner)

    This is a very good explanation of the new 2021 Camera Raw and Bridge. I learned much of it.

  11. Dieter Boesewinkel (verified owner)

    This is a very good explanation of the new 2021 camera Raw and Bridge. I learned much of it.

  12. Dave Thomas (verified owner)

    Very pleased with ACR Handbook (just as I was and am with Photoshop 2020), I have learnt a great deal already and have only just started. Colin explains things that others seem to assume you know or gloss over and this is what I think/hope really drives my progress. Very enjoyable and all consuming.

  13. Richard Davies (verified owner)

    Colin Smith is one of those guys that you just wish lived next door so you could pop round for a real coffee plus some advice on your latest issue with Photoshop or something else photography or IT related. He is a mine of information. Of course we don’t all live in SOCAL so next best thing is to buy and download his very reasonably priced courses. ACR Handbook lives up to Colin’s usual high standards and in his inimitable style he covers just about everything you need to know about Camera Raw plus some more. I would recommend this course not just for newcomers but also for old hands who I’m sure would pick up a tip or two as I have done. As the editing controls in Lightroom CC are much the same as Camera Raw this course gives much insight into both.

  14. Gary Truszkowski (verified owner)

    I have learned so much from the ACR training. I like the organization of the topics, which makes it easy to find the topics. For me it is a great resource for training. I can relate well to Colin’s style of presenting the information. By that I mean he doesn’t get wordy. He presents the points where I stay engaged with the information at hand, if that makes sense.

    Colin is so generous with free training. I am very impressed with his dedication to sharing his knowledge with current updates.

    There are many good web instructors for this type of training but I have found Colin’s style is the best fit for me.

  15. Indranil Chakraborty (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of Colin’s tutorials and I am always an avid audience of his youtube channel (Photoshopcafe).
    I am also a big fan of his premium tutorials and the latest addition to my collection is the Adobe Camera Raw Handbook course. I have not completed the course yet but I am already loving it very much thus far. His teaching style is very lucid which makes a relatively complex and intricate program like photoshop much easy to follow. I highly recommend this course .

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