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Fashion Retouching in photoshop

Kristina Sherk


High End Retouching training

You have a fashion shoot. How about the post production in Photoshop? There are many different styles of retouching. Fashion and advertising have unique retouching needs that differ from those in portrait photographs. High end, magazine quality retouching involves techniques and tricks that are needed for a professional look. Learn these techniques and closesly guarded secrets from Kristina Sherk (SharkPixel) who makes a living retouching for clients like Sports Illustrated, NPR and Hasselblad to name a few.

In this intensive video training, you’ll discover the techniques themselves, are easy to pick up. However the execution makes this video an invaluable part of your instructional library that will only grow in value the more times you watch it!

If you want your fashion photographs to look their very best, don’t miss this training.

Lessons Include

Removing blemishes and other imperfections.
Learn how to get nice smooth skin without losing texture!
Cleaning up hair around the models face.
Evening Tone: Reshape the models bone structure.
Variations in skin color.
Clean up your models eyes; The natural way!
Adding digital makeup.
Smooth out lines and ridges with the liquify tool.
Retouching hands: Techniques that aren’t covered in regular tutorials
Out of the (dialog) box sharpening techniques.

All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!
Running time: 5 hours

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Product Description

Introduction (02:20)

Kristina welcomes you and gives you an outline of what you're about to learn.

Workspace overview (06:25)

Explore Kristina's most used tools and shortcuts that will cut down your work time exponentially.

Camera RAW (10:18)

A quick course around Adobe Camera RAW where you'll learn valuable information about color profiles and how to correctly process and open your images.

Skin Phase 1 (01:16:55)

This chapter takes you through getting rid of skin imperfections using some staple Photoshop tools. You'll also learn how to get nice smooth skin without losing texture.

General Fixes (32:50)

Sporadic issues that need to be fixed around the image.

Skin Phase 2 (21:46)

Evening Tone: Reshape the models bone structure using simple photoshop techniques that can be applied to any photographers work.

Fixing Color (10:40)

This chapter examines variations in skin color and color cast.

Eyes (44:36)

Clean up your models eyes the natural way.

Adding Make up (32:10)

Discover the power of blending modes while adding fun makeup to the model, completely digitally!

Liquify Chapter (22:54)

Smooth out lines and ridges in this image using the Liquify Tool.

Retoucing Hands (21:47)

Learn some helpful tips about retouching hands that aren't typically covered in retouching training.

Sharpening | Final Fixes (04:25)

Kristina touches on sharpening techniques while thinking outside the (dialog) box, and puts the finishing touches on the project.
Kristina Sherk

Kristina Sherk

Great photo retouchers are ghost artists. The viewer rarely has any idea the amount of work that goes into making a picture after the photographer has clicked the shutter. And that is way it’s supposed to be. Kristina Sherk, studied digital art and photography at Elon University in North Carolina and then interned and assisted for DC-based photographer John Harrington where she learned the business behind the art. Since she was a photographer before she started retouching nine years ago, not only does she understand her role as a retoucher, but she also understands the aim and vision of the photographers she works with (in other words; ‘she speaks camera’). She also makes certain always to stay within their photography style. Her clients hail from all over the world and include National Public Radio, Sports Illustrated, Time, Inc., XM Satellite Radio, onOne Software, Cotton Inc. and Hasselblad USA.

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