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Dramatic Lighting

Dave Montizambert


Learn from international lighting wizard Dave Montizambert how to create dramatic lighting using multiple lights that literally sculpt your subjects with so much depth you will almost feel as though you could reach into the photo and touch them. Watch over Dave’s shoulder as he walks you through four boudoir style shoots from start to finish. You will see exactly where each piece of equipment is placed and why, plus you will see in Dave’s patented intricate lighting diagrams, exactly how it all comes together and the principles involved that drive the shoot. If you have only been working with flat lighting and common lighting patterns, be prepared to have the lid blown-off your idea of lighting; enter creativity and begin to command emotion and control – your clients will thank you for it!

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 1.2 hours of brand new sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback including Full Screen.

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Product Description

Introduction (02:27)

Dave welcomes you to his latest light sculpting adventure full of drama, mystery and depth.

Unmaksed (09:07)

Inspired by the masked balls of the 17th century, see how to bring out seduction and allure with light, location and pose.

Annie Get Your Gun (17:44)

Revenge is best served cold. See how Dave lights his hunter goddess, Diana, with dramatic lighting displaying a stoic, frigid ambience.

Stairway to Sin (14:12)

See how this illustrative portrait tells a story by the interaction of two models, the lighting and the set.

Trust (19:05)

See how easy it can be to create a unique background with a little imagination and some knowledge of metering from simple neutral colored seamless backdrop paper.

Grid Physics – Closing Thoughts (03:17)

Dave talks about "Light Depth of Field" and how light behaves as it passes through angled grids.
Dave Montizambert

Dave Montizambert

Dave Montizambert lectures internationally on lighting, digital photography, and Adobe Photoshop. He is also a published author having written two books on lighting and digital photography plus numerous magazine articles on these topics in North America, Europe, Russia, and Asia. For the past 25 years his company (Montizambert Photography) has created photographic images for such companies as McDonalds, Motorola, Tri-Star Pictures, Warner Brothers, Chimera Softboxes, Kodak, No Fear Sports Gear, Tsingtao Brewery of China, Toyo Tires, and many others. Dave’s work has won Georgie, Lotus, Hemlock, Studio Magazine, CAPIC, and Graphex awards. Dave is available for lectures and workshops in your area and can be reached at

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