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Interviews with leading photographers and artists

Story Art Interview with Karen Alsop

Interview with Karen Alsop from Story art about creating photographic composites in Photoshop. Karen Alsop’s whimsical style and training is on the rise in Australia and around the world!

Jeromy Cox

Leading comic book artist, Jeromy Cox (Spider-man, Batman, Superman) talks about his process for coloring comic books and what inspired him to become a comic book artist in this interview with Colin Smith at PhotoshopCAFE.

Shane Hurlbut A.S.C

Film maker: Terminator Salvation, Need For Speed, Act Of Valor….

In this interview, Colin Smith, asks Shane Hurlbut about the use of small DSLR cameras in shooting the movie, Act Of Valor. Shane then goes on to talk about what’s important for successful filmmaking. He also talks about current films he is working on and the single most important thing in film making!

Dixie Dixon (Nikon Ambassador)

Commercial Photographer

Dixie Dixon is a succesful Commerical Photographer, who’s skils are in demand around the world. Find out who Dixie is and what drives her. Discover how to be known for what you love in this interview.

Matthew Jordan Smith

Celebrity Photographer
Matthew Jordan Smith photographs such people as Oprah, Michael Jordan and Tyra Banks. He has appeared on America’s Top Model a number of times. Here PhotoshopCAFE Founder Colin Smith, asks Matthew about his roots and what it takes to be a successful Photographer.

Spyros Tsiounis from Lucas Films on Storyboarding.

Spyros Tsiounis on storyboarding
Spyros has worked as a Story Artist on a number of successful feature films including: Flushed Away, Curious George

Jay Shuster from Pixar.

Concept Designer at Pixar
Jay arrived at Pixar Animation Studios in 2002 as a concept designer on Cars, where he translated Director John Lasseter’s ideas into characters and environments.

Francesco Salvati (eds Dagon Lora).


Featured artist for Sketchbook pro on the iPad. His first major works were commissioned by a famous designer, Partenopeo, where he created paintings inspired by the theme of Italian Renaissance for high fashion garments. From that moment, Francesco started to work in the fashion industry taking a leap that leads to responsibility and creative collaborations in many known companies as a graphic artist, Creative and Art Director

Artist, animator Thierry Shiel

artist, animator, director, and producer
Thierry Shiel is an artist, animator, director, and producer. Where live action films are mostly shot and edited in 2 or 3 months, animation films often requires several years of work with a final rush in the end.I have been working on several international productions as an animator and then supervising animator. I had a great time on all of them but my best experience was on “Fievel goes West” produced by Amblimation

Finger painting with Susan Murtaugh

Susan Murtaugh graduated from the Chicago Academy of Fine Art with Majors in Illustration and Graphic Design. She’s worked for over 35 years in the design and advertising industry, including 14 years as the Owner and Creative Director of her own firm.

Goro Fujita (Dreamworks)

Visual Development Artist
Goro Fujita was born in Japan but moved with his family to Germany when he was 3 years old. After graduating High School he went to an animation school called “The German Film School for digital production” near Berlin. He graduated in 2005 and started working as a freelance character animator and visual development artist for TV commercials and Feature Films in Germany.

Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin from Creaturebox.

A few years ago, on a particularly hot spring day, Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin pondered the possibility of joining forces. Sharing a fascination with monsters, spacemen, and everything in between, CreatureBox crawled to life.


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