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Just a quick word about your tutorial CD’s. I found the first Cafe Live one exciting and inspirational. I am retired and wanted something to keep my brain ticking over and the tutorials were just what I needed.I found the tutorials easy to follow and informative and forced me to explore Photoshop in more detail. As soon as you announced the Secrets Cd I ordered it and it came this morning, I was like a kid with a Christmas present, I immediately ripped the packaging off and started learning. This cd is even better and I believe it will be good enough to eventually help me to earn a little money on the side, repairing and enhancing photographs. Not bad going on just two tutorial CD’s. I find the new format excellent, the picture and audio are very good indeed. The price of the CD’s is also very good, well worth the money at double what you charge.
Needless to say I will be ordering your Live Cafe 2 Cd.
Peace and Prosperity from the UK.

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