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Compositing – Photoshop and Photography

Check out the crafty mix of Photography, Illustration and a little photo-manipulation. This gallery of tasty cocktails will inspire the Photoshop-holic in you. I like to call this style "PhotoIllustration".

4 responses to “Compositing – Photoshop and Photography”

  1. Hi, Colin. I watched your excellent video on frequency separation. The problem I had was when I got to th end using quick ask. Despite endless attempts I could not get the marching ants to come up, So I could never quite finish the smoothing process. What could be the problem? Please can you get bacon touch and resolve my frustration.
    Many thanks. Chris Goddard.

  2. Hi Colin.
    Firstly thank you for the tutorials – all of them! I am late to the table but have already benefited so much from learning with you. Do you have a demo on how you did the mermaid composite? I would love to try this. I tried the blending of the tigers head onto the woman (used this in a photo we had taken of a model) and it turned out amazingly, so looking to expand on that now.

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