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Become a member of PhotoshopCAFE Plus and you will belong to a very special, exclusive group of people, an inside club. Plus members get all kinds of goodies and also get a backstage pass to PhotoshopCAFE. As a Plus member you will enjoy exclusive tutorials and tips, just for you. Download extras that will become indispensable tools in the future. Get a backstage pass on Colinʼs weekly tutorials and sometimes get extra information and goodies that others donʼt get. This is the place where you will get all the “whys” behind the hows”. You will enjoy massive discounts on all of PhotoshopCAFE (and Software Cinema) premium products. You will also get exclusive “members only” discounts on a lot of the stuff you use all the time from our partners. On top of all of this, you will be a charter member in our private community forums, where you can get all your questions answered (and pitch in some answers of your own if you wish). You will be able to connect with all the other members in our virtual “lounge” which is a safe place that is free from judgement, attitude and spam (Think: The CAFE! The early PhotoshopCAFE forums, which became a daily home for many people). As we progress, we will be adding more features and benefits of membership, and we are open to suggestions, this is YOUR place!

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