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Photorealistic Illustration 100% Photoshop

 Gallery of Photorealistic illustration and more. This gallery is 100% Photoshop from scratch, no Photos, scans, 3D, Illustrator or 3rd party plug-ins used. All pure unadulterated Photoshop. Just the way we like it! (Click image to launch) :

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  1. Hi, I know this is not going to happen because no one has the time…to look at what I wish someone had the time to look at ! I am wishing for someone to look at what I am doing via Photoshop (for over 25 yrs). Waited too long to get a new Wacom tablet but have it now, I wish to have another artist, look at a few of my creations…meant for Greeting Cards. I zoom in to 100% to make the needed fixes. I have many layers and then merge visible, so to begin again at 1 layer. Is this OK to do ? If I cd send just 1 jpeg, wd that be OK for ‘someone’ to look at and say yay or nay? I am 79 yrs young now so you see, I have a lot of wishful thinking going on ! Am on a Mac. Thank you, I hope I can learn more…Cynthia

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