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Colin’s Speaking Schedule for 2013 (so far)

San Jose CA, (Adobe HQ)
17 Dec 2012

International CES
Las Vegas
Jan 8-10, 2013

Photoshop Week
Creative Live
Feb 28th (10:45 am)

Adobe Seattle
Lightroom unleashed
Jan 15th

Adobe Create Now Camp
San Jose CA,
March 23, 2013

Photoshop World
Orlando FL
April 19th 2013

Photo Video West
April 27, 28 2013

Palm Springs Photo Festival
April 30, 2013
The Big Photo Show (PMA), Los Angeles
May 4-5. 2013

Adobe Create Now Camp, OC, CA
June 1st 2013

Creative Live, HDR
Aug 02, 2013

Creative Live, Video, Motion Graphics
Aug 03, 2013

Photoshop World, Las Vegas
September, 4-6. 2013

PDN PhotoPlus Expo, New York, NY
October 26th, 2013

If you would like to enquire about Colin Speaking at your event, Please contact us ASAP as things tend to book up quickly

The current topics Colin is Speaking on:

HDR the real and the surreal: More than a regular photograph, more depth, more detail. This dynamic session teaches you exactly what is and what isn’t true HDR You will learn Colin’s 3-step method including what he dubs the 32-Bit negative…

Photoshop Video For Photographers: You have shot video on your DSLR, now what? This session is a photographer’s crash course in video and motion graphics in Photoshop CS6…

Checking out the road ahead, new in CS6: 

You have upgraded Photoshop, now upgrade your workflow. Not only will you discover the essential new features, you will learn how to integrate them into your daily Photoshop habits..

 Under the hood; Layers, Masks and Channels Deep Dive: Unleash the power of Layers, Masks and Channels. This is where you unlock the true power of Photoshop…

Don’t be Road Kill; make your Photographs Rock in Photoshop CS6: Why is it that some people’s photographs look crisp, clear and engaging, and others’ look flat and boring? …

Video and 3D crash course for anyone, easier than you think: Colin will show you how to use what you already know and reveal the fastest way for you to jump into video. Use the tools you already know and love to create impressive video presentations with effortless ease…

Photoshop Secrets; Recipes for the road: Learn some of the best-kept secrets for amazing image results. Learn the most in-demand techniques that will make your work look current and cutting-edge…

Photoshop and Lightroom Integration: This session address the question, when should I use Photoshop and when should I use Lightroom? …

Multi-shot Mayhem: HDR, Panorama and time-lapse: Bracket, stitch and hack time. When more than one photo is required, this session comes into play…

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