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What Are People Saying about PhotoshopCAFE’s Training?

Every day we receive unsolicited emails from people, telling us how much they enjoy our training. See what they have to say. Then prepare to be one of our many happy customers.

just a small sampling of what people are saying.

I’ve just purchased and watched the Sky city Project and I can’t tell you how helpful it was! I’m currently in the middle of graphic model that is being totally done with compositing. I can’t draw worth a damn but I can mash things together to get what I want. I learned several really useful tips and techniques that will help me tremendously going forward. Your great tutorials and free downloads have been wonderful as well. Please keep up the great work!

I’ve seen Photoshop training from so many people over the years. I run the popular user group in LA, the LA Web Professionals Group. I have to say Colin is the best Photoshop instructor out there. All of his training titles that I have seen are top notch. He knows how to get people interested in creating great things in Photoshop and can inspire the advanced user like me just as well as inspiring beginners. The members at my user group always get excited when Colin comes out to speak. Keep up the great work and looking forward to all of the amazing upcoming titles.
-Daniel Kramer

Hi, Colin!
I read some of the reviews, and wanted to add my own.  You make things very clear –even to this old lady!  I not only watch tutorials, but refer to them again when I run into a question as I’m trying to learn PS. You make things very straightforward and you don’t skip steps, making the assumption that the viewer knows how you got where you are or how you accessed the tool or feature you’re using.
-Lynn B

Great tutorial even for beginners and as a beginner, I can honestly say he made it easy to keep up with him. Colin walks you through and explains EVERYTHING. I can’t recommend this enough! If you are on the fence stop here and just buy it. You wont be disappointed.
-Audrey (Compositing in Photoshop / Sky City Project)


I have read and watched many tutorials from different authors. I have also purchased books from others. The reason why I prefer your work is the single combination between excellence in graphics design and a great step-by-step method. Believe me, the huge majority of authors are incapable of explaining correctly, which you do very well indeed.


This is not a request but rather a compliment on how much I like this new DVD. I just got it in the mail today and started watching it. Wow- excellent!! Great information and easy to follow and understand. I wish I had this DVD over a year ago when I started flying. It would have saved me a lot of heart ache and crashes. Please tell Colin ” well done” I am telling any of my friends flying UAVs to get it.Many thanks,
– John Stanfords


First of all, I NEVER take the time to offer praise like this…because I am very busy as a working wedding shooter, etc. But I must tell you how much the Lightroom DVD has helped me, and what a terrific and simple style of explanation Colin has. His voice is soothing and his terminology simple / not at ALL intimidating by being too technical or jargony. I did a nice “attaboy” on my Facebook page a while back. Way to go! I have watched this DVD over and over to flesh-out my understanding of all the nuances and advantages of LR.
-“Christian Carswell”…working in northern Virginia (west of D.C and all over).


I recieved the CD and i want to thank you for making such great tutorials!
Since I came into contact with your site and tutorials my knowledge is growing by the day, my collegue is getting pretty nervous since I showed him what I can do with photoshop! He is an experienced Photoshop user but I am showing him how to use some of the Photoshops secrets already, thanks to your help.


“I just want to thank you for the CD, it is great I have learned more from the CD than from many books out there. Again thank you for making something that really works and helps.”


Just received it [HDR Disk] today and “couldn’t stop watching” I read 3 books on it and received more information on your disk then I learned in the 3 books.
Thanks for your good work. I was not blowing smoke…It is worth much more then you charged for the information I received.
I am in my mid-seventies and I understood what you were talking about !!! That is no small fete on your part………
-Don Arpin


Thought I would just drop you a line of thanks for the latest three DVD’s that I have just received: Photoshop & Poser Integration; Cartoon Illustration; Photographic Effects. As usual each is excellent particularly in its straightforward and commonsense approach. I feel that I also ought to mention the speed of service and delivery. I received them yesterday, only a day or so after your Email saying they had been dispatched! There’s many a company here in Blighty that could do to take a leaf out of your book.
-Bruce Lees


Hi Colin, Having had a couple of weeks to work with your training CDs I can now say with whole hearted enthusiasm, “Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a straight forward and informative way. ” There are so many choices when it comes to available training CDs for Photoshop and Lightroom that making the decision to actually “buy” is kind of an impulse thing. I am so glad I chose yours. You explain things in such an easy and understandable way that I’m learning more than I ever thought possible. Every day I look forward to learning more. Considering this was something that I was not looking forward to, that says a lot about your training style.
-Charles Krusac


This has to be the best $50 I’ve ever spent. I ‘ve just sat through the whole tutorial and I
am blown, the download was a breeze
– Mustapha


I recently ordered and recived copies of the “Photoshop and Dreamweaver Integration” and “How to WOW with Flash” CD’s and I am greatly impressed! Thanks for providing these tutorial CD’s. I truly feel like I got my money’s worth…
Natalie and Basil Perez


PHOTOSHOP & FLASH can not be explained any better than this


I have been using your How to Wow in Flash dvd and it’s been extremely helpful. I am looking for an additional teaching resource for the schools I teach at- CCA in Oakland, Expression and Berkeley City College. I loved your dvd because i can easily find the thing I want to learn how to do such as drop down menus. When I tried to figure out how to do this in AS3 I looked at 6 different tutorials and they were all completely different! Especially the AS. I like your straight forward approach.


I teach at the multimedia department at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona. I absolutely love your Flash tutorials as I teach both Photoshop and Flash in my school. They are triggered towards designers more than anything else, hence the appeal. Not very many Flash tutorials have the same approach. You also provide tips and tricks from the industry world which is invaluable to my students. You are a superb educator as well, and your tutorials are well explained
– Vesna Dragojlov Associate Professor, Multimedia, UAT, AZ


Thank you Colin! I recently passed my Photoshop CS5 Adobe Certified Expert exam. I went through your video series to study and felt well prepared. Now I feel like I know you!
– Jeanette Smith


After random watching of only 2 or 3 of the sections I found that your video can be of enormous help to me because of your excellent presentations. In fact, I decided to keep Lightroom2, and also keep my original Elements 6 with emphasis on Lightroom2. I have watched some other samples of videos, and yours is the best. I’m so impressed with it that I would like to be put on a mailing list– if you have one– of any future or present videos regarding either Lightroom2 or Elements. Thanks for a great training video that a real amateur like me can benefit from.


I just want to let you know how much I use and appreciate the info from your e-mails and website. I often print copies of useful tips and tutorials from the many, many Photoshop sources around the internet for later reference (a sort of “best-of-the-best” collection). I keep only the most useful ones in a large binder on my desk. My “collection” has grown steadily over the past year and yesterday it became obvious that I would need to start a new binder. As I glanced through my current collection, I was startled to find that about 80% of my best practices were from, you guessed it, Photoshop Café. Given the large number of sources that I monitor, this is HUGELY significant.

I obviously owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks so very much for your enrichment of my Photoshop experiences and your promotion of the art.

Best regards
Rich Lacey


“The CD arrived this morning…………..I have only 1 word for it!- FANTASTIC! Many Thanks.”
– Bob 


“Just wanted you to know that the CD is more than I had anticipated, thanks.”


“I bought PS Secrets and just wanted to let you know how great it is. The question I have is: Why cant I think of the solutions by myself, they are so simple once explained by Colin?”


“I enjoyed Photoshop Cafe Live so much I couldn’t wait for another one to come out. Keep up the good work, your my Photoshop hero.”
– Linda


“I have played all the tutorials and worked several of them already.  This is great – it’s easy!  I have purchased several expensive books that the tutorials are way to long winded, and on occasion not properly presented.  Congratulations on a fine piece of work.”

“I purchased your “PhotoshopCafe LIVE” CD last weekend. I wanted you to know how absolutely GREAT it is.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going through every tutorial.  They are so easy to understand and just about every one of them came out exactly the way yours did.”
– Deinna 


“Just a quick word about your tutorial CD’s. I found the first Cafe Live one exciting and inspirational. I am retired and wanted something to keep my brain ticking over and the tutorials were just what I needed.I found the tutorials easy to follow and informative and forced me to explore Photoshop in more detail. As soon as you announced the Secrets Cd I ordered it and it came this morning, I was like a kid with a Christmas present, I immediately ripped the packaging off and started learning. This cd is even better and I believe it will be good enough to eventually help me to earn a little money on the side, repairing and enhancing photographs. Not bad going on just two tutorial CD’s. I find the new format excellent, the picture and audio are very good indeed. The price of the CD’s is also very good, well worth the money at double what you charge.
Needless to say I will be ordering your Live Cafe 2 Cd.
Peace and Prosperity from the UK.”



“I have had photoshop on my computer for at least 1 yr. I did not have any understanding of how to use most of the program. After buying PS cafe live i am having more fun with the program than i could imagine! Thank you so very much, I started using layers, grids, and i am now making my own backrounds for my photos. I can’t wait to get my next cd for Photography effects.”
– Bob


“I wanted to drop you guys a line about the tutorial Colin did. I have tons of books, tons of magazines, and tons of emails but most were boring. I had played with Photoshop no where near what I wanted, but enough to get by. I had never gone to the depths I should have been near with PS7 I had received the tutorial and well, I was a hit and the cover for this month was wild for me. And it was the way I expected my work to be. So I am glad I picked it up and took a chance. Otherwise, I would not had any desire to work with PS7.Happy and Hooked, waiting for v2.”


I just wanted to tell someone deserving how much I love your site and tutorials. I spent money on a photoshop course and, other than the text, which was great, the course was a waste of money and time and parking fees. Your tutorials are clear and they work. Thanks so much!”
– Janet

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